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What happens if a Slot Machine Crashes When I’m playing it?

Slot machines are of course electronic devices, and much like other electronic devices every now and then they may crash or malfunction.

I was recently in Las Vegas and decided to play a Konami slot machine, its name escapes me, however once I had inserted my money and then gave the spin button a click the entire slot machine crashed.

I was somewhat worried that my money would be lost, however a passing slot technician and the duty casino floor Manager who were passing by quickly allayed my fears. There were able to simply reset the slot machine to the point in time before it crashed.

I have also been playing a slot in a land based casino and was part way through playing off a set of free spins when once again the slot crashed, the slot technician who came to sort out the problem simply reset the slot and once it came back to life it continued playing off my free spins.

When playing at an online casino site the slot games available at those sites are designed in much the same way, and as such if you are ever playing one and your web browser or the software platform you are accessing it on crashes, when you restart your browser or re-launch the casino software you will be able to carry on playing the slot from the point in time it crashed.


Full Gaming Logs

Every online or mobile casino site is going to have a way of retrieving the gaming logs of every single one of their players, so if you ever do experience a problems when playing slot games or in fact any type of slot games online or you think you have been underpaid, then the casino support staff can double check the outcome of each game you have played.

In fact, what you are going to also be able to do when playing at some casino sites such as those using Microgaming software and their range of casino games is have direct access to your own gaming logs at any time of the day or night.

That is done by making use of something known as the Play Check self audit system and when you access that set of gaming logs you can look up any session you have had and see the outcome of every single spin of the reels you played off on any slot game you played on any single session!


Playing Slot Games Strategically

As a slot player you are bound to have your own unique playing systems when you play slot games in any playing environment, most players d, but at the end of the day every single slot they do play is going to be completely random.

Therefore whether you win or lose when playing any slot is going to be down to luck and not down to any unique winning strategy you have chosen to adopt or thing you are using!

However, there are a few ways that you may be able to get more play time and more winning chances from any slot playing session you have, and the main ways of doing just that is to only ever set about playing those slot machines which have the highest payout percentages.

Also if you want to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot then you are much more likely to win one when you play a slot that has a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to pay out before it reaches a certain value and when that jackpot is not far off its guarantee hit amount too!



It is not only the types of slot games and slot machines that you do end up playing that will determine whether you have an enjoyable time playing slot games online, but it is also going to be your choice of casino site that may also ensure you have a very enjoyable time playing any type of slot machines online too.

What we have done throughout this website is to list and showcase a range of casino sites, both online and mobile ones, at which we just know you are going to have an unsurpassed and very enjoyable gaming experience.

Each of those casino sites have a huge suite of different types and categories of slot games, and all of them will be offering you some value packed slot game related sign up welcome bonuses too.

Therefore, if you do fancy getting involved in the online slot playing environment you are going to have the very best gaming experience possible when playing at any of our top rated and featured casino sites, so make sure those are the casino sites you do sign up to and play at!

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