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Which Casinos Online Can Adjust the RTP’s of Their Slot Games?

You may be wondering if any casino sites are able to adjust the payout percentages that their respective slot games have been set to payout to players over the long term, much like land based casinos can do.

Well, we are only aware of one software and casino game supplier who does offer the option to their licensees of being able to adjust the RTP’s of their slot games and that is Real Time Gaming, and as such when playing at such a site you will find the vast majority of their slots will have been set to one of three different payout percentages.

Most other casino sites are unable to alter the payout percentages on any of their games and not just slot machines as those RTP’s have been set in stone upon their release and will always be aiming to payout the published payout percentages not matter at which casino site you choose to play at that are offering games from companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech for example.

One thing worth noting however is that when playing slot games in any playing environment it should always be the slots that have been set with the very highest of payout percentages that you should be playing for real money!


How High Do RTP’s Go?

Even though you may for example be playing a slot machine which has say a payout percentage of 96%, keep in mind that the actual single session payout percentage that you could achieve when playing such a slot is going to vary, due to just how lucky you are when playing it.

It is quite possible for you to achieve payout percentages ay higher than the one the slot game you are playing has been designed to payout over the long term. If you only play a slot for a short space of time and in a huge jackpot then the payout percentage you have achieved on that one single session could be in the thousands of percent range!

However, the longer you play any slot games or slot machines in absolutely any playing environment the more likely you are going to get to the point in  time when your payout percentage on each combined slot playing session you have will be very close to the one the slot game has been set to payout to players.

Therefore the savviest of players are always going o be looking to play only those slots which do come and offer the very highest possible long term expected RTP’s!


Where to Locate Slot Game RTP’s

The most common long term expected payout percentages of most slot machines are between the 94% to 96% ranges, but be aware that some slots may have much lower RTP’s and some slots can have much higher payout percentages that the average RTP.

As such what any savvy slot player will be aiming to do is to initially discover just which slot games do offer the very highest of payout percentages and then make a vow to themselves that they are only ever going to get stuck into playing those slots, as by doing so they will have a much greater chance of getting more of their stake money returned to them over their long term play when playing better paying slots which higher than average payout percentages.

In regards to where you will have to look to find that information simply first look on the pay table of any slot game or the help files that you will find located on and attached to each slot.

If the payout percentage is not listed on the help files or on the pay table then look at the website of the casino you have chosen to play at as often that is another place payout percentages are listed!



The range of slot machines you are going to find available at every single one of our featured and top rated casino sites really is going to be enormous, and as such always allocate plenty of time to your slot playing sessions, for you are going to have hundreds of different slot machines waiting of you when you log not any of our featured and showcased casino sites.

Also be aware that or you to get plenty of spins from your bankroll and gambling budget, even when you are playing those slot games which boats high payout percentage you should always set each spin to play for a stake level that you can afford to play for.

Even if you do choose to play only those slot machines that come with the very highest of payout percentage you are not guaranteed to win each time you play them, so always play slot games in any playing environment for a sensible stake level and one you can afford to play for!

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