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What is the Best Way to Play Fruit Machines?

apocalypse-cowWhen you come across a casino site either online or a mobile site that is offering you a selection of Fruit Machines, if you like all action slots that keep on offering you bonus game after bonus game and slots that come with lots of built in bonus features then there are going to be ideal slots to play!

Fruit Machines first stated life in cafes, amusement arcades and Pubs and Clubs in the UK and have been designed to allow visitors of those sites to play a slot game but one which has plenty of entertainment value, rather than pure gambling machines which are found in casinos.

A very large percentage of Fruit Machines come with a very basic design and as such when playing hem you will often find just one single pay line can be sent into play, and often you have just a small number of different coin values you can play them for, so they tend to suit low stake players the most.

We shall, in this article, be taking a look at the best way to play Fruit Machines as they are all designed in a similar way, but they do different from casino slot games quite noticeably in regards to their unique design.


Preset Payout Percentages

All Fruit Machines are designed in such a way that over the long term they are forced to payout a certain payout percentage to players and that is simply a percentage of the cash fed into hose machines and played off that is returned to players as winning payouts.

All Fruit Machines will be required by law to reach that preset payout percentage over a set number of spins, which could be a huge number of spins. However, when a Fruit Machine is nearing the end of one single playing cycle, if its current payout percentage s lower than its preset one then that machine will do everything to ensure the payout percentage is reached at the end of the playing cycle.

As such many players will play a Fruit Machine that has not been paying out very much recently, as by doing so there is a good chance that the Fruit Machine is going to start awarding high valued payouts or even its jackpot payout very recently to make up its payout percentage.


Picking a Fruit Machine to Play

You will probably be much better of initially testing out a range of different Fruit Machines by making use of the free play options many casino sites have on offer, as by playing those slot games for free and at no risk you can get a feel for whether you will actually enjoy playing them for real money at a later date.

Once you have found a range of Fruit Machines you do enjoy playing and once you have mastered playing of many different bonus games and bonus features, then another way that you will be able to find out just which are the very best Fruit Machines to play to give you the maximum winning opportunities is to find out what the payout percentages are one each Fruit Machine you have access too.

Each slot will have its own long term expected payout percentage and the ones which are always going t be the most sought after Fruit Machines by savvy slot plays will be those on which the very highest long term payout percentages are on offer, so make an effort to find out what the payout percentages are and then play just the highest paying ones online!


Where to play Fruit Machines Online

Fruit Machines really are going to be giving you some of the most fund and entertaining slot playing session you can have online, and they do offer a very welcome distractions from the casino type slot games that many casinos have on offer in large numbers.

One thing to keep in mind though is that there are nowhere near as many Fruit Machines available online as there are three reel and video casino type slots, so to help you select a site that is going to give you very large array of different Fruit Machines to play we have reviews of many casino sites available on our website.

By sticking to playing at our featured casino sites you are also going o find all of your real money Fruit Machine playing action will be earning you comp points a you play and there are also a large array of different bonuses available to you, to help you get maximum value and lot of extended play time from your bankroll, so please do consider signing up to any of our featured sites as the bonuses and comps on offer really will give you the best Fruit Machine playing value at those sites!

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