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Where Can I Play the Most Penny Slots Online?

dragon-lady-slotYou are never going to go short in regards to the huge and always growing number of slot games you can access as an online casino player, for the vast majority of slots that are available online at various casinos will be adjustable in such a way you can play them for very low stakes.

In fact many of the brand new slot games which are released each moth are designed in such a way that if you wish to play them for just pennies on each spin you send into live play that is something you can easily do.

In this slot playing guide we will be introducing you to each of the three different gaming platforms offered by many of our licensed and regulated online casinos, and will be letting you know the type and variety of penny slot games which can be accessed on each of those gaming platforms.


Instant Play Gaming Platforms

All that you are going to need to be able to play slot games online is both a computer and an internet connection. One way you may find appealing to play the thousands of different penny slot game online will be via the instant play gaming platforms that a large percentage of our featured casino sites have on offer.

To access those slot games via a no download gaming platform you simply log onto any chosen casinos website and then when there you click onto the slot game you wish to play and the games are launched into your web browser.

All of the slots on offer are compatible with every single type of web browser, even those found on mobile devices, and if you decide instead of playing for free you wish to play for real then you will need to sign up and register as a real player at any casino site.

But instead of playing their games for free once you land on their website you simply need to log into your account using your username and password and then make a deposit and then you can play those slot games in a real money environment for very low stakes if you like!


Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casino apps are proving to be the most popular way players are now accessing online casinos and the slot games those sites have on offer, and you can download an app in less than a minute.

However, just be aware that you are not going to find anywhere as near as many slot games on offer on a mobile casino app as you will find available at an online casino site, so that needs to be kept at the forefront of your mind.

But we have noticed that more and more casinos are beginning to add all of their very latest slot game releases onto their mobile casino apps at the same time as they get them launched on their mobile gaming platforms so you should find over time the casino apps getting a much larger number of slot games loaded onto them, giving you even more choice than you have now!


Downloadable Casino Sites

If you want to have a downloadable gaming platform installed on your computer then there are lots of different casinos offering you the ability of downloading that platform. Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming powered casinos all of a downloadable gaming platform, and one thing you will notice about all of them is that there are many more slots available than on their instant play and mobile gaming platforms.

So if you do want the maximum number of slots then this is going to be far and away the very best type of casino gaming platform you can install on your computer, it may take several minutes to download the outer shell of the casino but it will certainly be worth the wait as you will then have hundreds upon hundreds of different slot games available to you when you log into the download gaming platform!



If you are not sure if you are really going to enjoy playing slot game online for pennies, then the only real way that you are going to be able to do so will be by actually getting stuck into playing as many slots as you can.

One way that we would like you to consider doing just that is to make use of the free play options available at all of our featured casino sites, for by playing those slots at no risk and in a free play environment as opposed to playing them for real money is you will be able to experience at firsthand how they are designed and how they pay and play. Then at a time chosen by you, you are going to be able to give them some real money slot spinning action.

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