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Which 3 Reel Slot Machines Have Bonus Games?

It will be dependent on just where you play 3 reel slots in regards to whether you are going to find any of them that will award you with bonus games and bonus features, for sadly some online casino sites tend to only offer basic playing classic slots.

A 3 reel slot is simply a slot game, as the name does suggest, that has three stepper type reels as opposed to a five video reel playing structure, and as such when playing them you often get a rapid-fire type of playing structure and format.

The types of bonus games on some of the older styled 3 reel slots are not by any stretch of the imagination what you would call very exciting to play off, and below we will be taking a look at some of the more commonly found bonus games and bonus feature you will find attached to quite a number of 3 reel slots!


Wheel Spinning Bonus Games

One thing to be aware of if you do find any single pay line thee reel slot game on which there is a bonus game on offer, those types of slots often have a fixed coin playing structure, and as such you will not be able to alter or adjust the coin value settings.

You will often also find that to have the chance of triggering a bonus game you will be required to wager the maximum number of coins the slot allows on the singe payline, and then you will have to hope you spin in the triggering bonus or scatter symbols in the way displayed on the pay table to get to play off the bonus game.

By far and away the most commonly found bonus game on three reel type slot games are wheel spinning bonus game.

Once triggered you are faced with nothing more complicated than having to then spin a bonus wheel and whichever segment of the wheel stops directly opposite and facing the win arrow will be the cash prize you then win. Some of the winning payouts you can achieve on such slots may not be a fixed number of coins a you may also have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot too!


Picking Based Bonus Games

Three will also be some 3 reel slot game you will come across online that will have on offer a picking styled bonus game, and to be honest those type of bonus games are very easy to play off and may not be the most exciting of bonus games either!

By playing any of them for the required stake amount and then spinning in the respective bonus or scatter symbols you will then launch the picking game.

Some of those types of picking game themed bonus games will simply see you having to select areas of the screen to tap or click on to then win the cash amounts hiding underneath the position you have chosen.

However, you will also come across a tiny number of classic and three reel slot game on which you can be awarded with and trigger a pick and match type of bonus game.

Those bonus games will require you to keep on picking times or locations off the bonus game screen until you get a matching set of them and you will then be awarded with the respective cash prize or the respective progressive jackpot if there are one or more progressive jackpots on offer on the slot you are playing.



With literally thousands upon thousands of different slot games available to you as an online, mobile or even a land based slot player, always keep in mind that it is you that is going to be able to pick and choose just which slot game you do decide to get stuck into playing.

One of the best ways that we would recommend to anyone who have never played bonus game awarding 3 reel slots is to fist sign up to any of our featured online casino sites and then play those types of games via the free play versions.

By doing so you can play any of them to your heart’s content and for as long as you like until you have made up your mind which if any of them you may then wish to go on to play for real money.

By switching over to the real money playing environments that is when you have the chance of winning and possibly winning big, and you will also be able to claim lots of different slot game related bonuses and promotional offers to boost your bankroll and give you a much longer slot playing experience too!

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