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Which are the best symbols to nudge in on an AWP?

There are a special range of slot type games available at some online and mobile casino sites that are known as AWP or Amusement with Prizes machines, and they are probably much better known as Fruit Machines.

What they offer players is a three reel type of playing structure and usually they come with just one pay line. These types of slot machines are found typically in the United Kingdom and are low stake slots on which players does get a high amount of amusement when playing them, hence the name of that category of game!

The amusement aspect comes from the fact that when playing any AWP you are going to find lots of different bonus games and bonuses features triggering when you play them, and that ensures players do get some extended amounts of play time when playing them due to the high triggering frequency of the bonus games and bonus features.

One of the features most AWP’s have on offer is a Nudge Feature, and when it is awarded to players they can then nudge the reels one at a time either upwards and/or downwards dependent on the game they are playing.


Line Up a Matching Set of Reel Symbols

What players will need to try and do when they do trigger that bonus feature is the nudge the reels in such a way that they get a matching set of reel symbols lining up on the pay line, and by doing so they will then receive a winning payout.

However, if the machine has not awarded enough nudges then they will have to try and nudge in enough bonus symbols or numbers overlaid on the reels that will then award a bonus game.

If once the nudge feature has been awarded there isn’t enough of them to either nudge in a winning combination or nudge in a bonus game triggering combination, then players could be offered a Nudge Saved Feature.

That will allow them to not use the nudges but instead have them saved over to be used at the end of the next base game spin of the three reels.

Some AWP’s allow players to try and increase the amount of nudges awarded to them by making use of a gamble feature on which they could then gamble the nudges and hopefully then get enough to allow them to nudge in a winning or bonus game awarding combination.


Low Stake High RTP AWP’s

As mentioned above AWP or Fruit Machines as they are also known are very low stake slot machines that can and do often offer hours or fun and plenty of winning opportunities thanks to their respective bonus games and bonus features.

However, there is another major benefit of playing them online, and that is you are going to find that the online versions of those gaming machines offer way higher payout percentages than the versions found in land based venues.

When playing AWP’s in an amusement arcade for example you could find the payout percentages have been set as low as 72%, however when you set about playing them online the payout percentages are usually much higher and can be in the 94% to 98% range.

As such if you are tempted to play these types of slot machines then I would urge you to play them online as you will not break the bank when doing so thanks to the low staking options and you should get lots of winning payouts thanks to the higher than average long term expected payout percentages too.



As I always recommend to anyone who does read about any new types of slot machines in any of my slot playing guides and articles, if you do like the sound of AWP machines then you should first set about playing them online in a fee play type of environment.

The reason I suggest that s that by you doing so you are then going to be able to play about with the way the games have been designed by way of their staking options and their option settings too, and get used to the way they flow and operate but in a no risk way.

As there are so many different types of AWP machines available by testing out as many of them as you possibly can do you will then be guaranteed of finding plenty of them that you do enjoy playing and then you can make a short list of the ones you want to play for real money.

Keep in mind that bonuses are always going to be available to players of AWP machines, and with that in mind do consider claiming some of them if you do wish to play these types of gaming machines online!

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