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Which Slot Tournaments Have the Biggest Prize Pools?

There are so many slot tournaments that you are going to have the chance of entering, in all playing environments, you really should consider taking part in some of them no matter where you choose to play.

Land based casinos for example tend to offer some massive prize pools on their slot tournaments that are often exclusively available only to their customers that have achieved the highest status in the players club.

However, one thing you will find on offer to you if you instead of playing in a land abased casinos, you play online is that there are often no restrictions in place as to who can enter a slot tournament.

Many casino sites such as those using the Microgaming designed and supplied downloadable gaming platforms will offer a midweek slot tournament, a weekend slot tournament and a monthly slot tournament which offer a huge set of prizes.

There will however often be an entry fee to be paid to enter those much higher paying slot tournaments but as every player does have a chance of winning one of those high valued prizes they are always going to be worth entering when you do have a little bit of spare time on your hands!


Win an Entry into a Huge Paying Slot Tournament

Keep in mind that there will often be something known as qualifier slot tournament or even several of them in the run up to any huge prize paying slot tournament starting.

By entering such a tournament which are either completely free of charge or require a very low and minimum entry fee to be paid for you to take part in them, you are going to have the chance of winning a direct entry into those high paying slot tournaments.

As such we would actively encourage anyone who does have an interest in taking part in a slot tournament which does have a high valued prize pool to hunt around and see if there are any qualifying slot tournaments which may also go by the name of satellite slot tournaments too.

Whilst there are no guarantees you will win a direct entry into a better paying slot tournament when you do take part in a qualifier or satellite slot tournament, if they are free to enter you have nothing to lose by giving one of them a try, and if you do well in those tournaments you may then win an entry into the higher paying ones!


Best Way to Play in a Slot Tournament

Playing off as many spins on the tournament slot game is what you need to do when playing in absolutely any type of slot tournament, and as such you should sit there banging away at the spin button as fast as you can do!

It is of course always going to be down to luck and luck alone in regards to whether you will win anything when entering a slot tournament, but by playing of as many spins a you can do that will increase your chances of spinning in a high valued winning combination to boost your score.

Also, you should consider making use of something known as an add-on when you have played off your initial entry, by paying an additional fee for that add-on you will be given more tournament credits and additional play time to play the slot, and any winnings achieved during that extra play time you have played for will be added onto your score in the tournament.

But only consider using an add-on or more than one add-on if you have a good chance of reaching a prize paying locations on the slot tournament Leaderboard!



The only way that you are going to be able to tell whether you are going to enjoy yourself and have plenty of fun and excitement and of course plenty of winning chances in a slot tournament, is to actually set about playing in some of them!

As someone who may never have entered an online slot tournament before then you should consider entering a few of the completely free of charge slot tournaments.

You will find them listed a freeroll slot tournaments in the tournament menu you will find at any of our featured casino sites that do offer slot tournaments and by entering them you will never be putting any of your hard earned money at risk!

However, it is always going to be the paid to enter slot tournaments that will be offering you the chance of winning some much higher amounts of cash, and with that in mind do consider taking part in a few on the paid to enter ones, once you have fully got to grips with the way slot tournaments work and operate via the freeroll ones!

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