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Which Slots has the Nudge Feature?

pub-fruityYou will find that a nudge feature can be offered to you when you play certain online slot games, and this is where you get the chance of hopefully using that randomly awarded bonus feature to help you complete a winning combination on the payline or paylines of the slot you are playing.

This slot playing guide is going to give you a deeper insight into how this bonus feature works and we will also introduce you to some slot games that can be accessed online or via a mobile gaming platform that offer players the chance of nudging in a winning combination.

It is the range of fruit machines that tend to offer this type of bonus feature, and what makes playing any fruit machine a much more enjoyable thing to do is that there are often dozens of additional bonus features that can be awarded to you and not just a nudge feature.

In its most basic form when you trigger a nudge future which as mentioned in most cases is done completely randomly, the slot you are playing with displayed somewhere on the slot game screen just how many nudges you have been awarded with.

You then need to click on the buttons underneath three reels which you wish to nudge downwards one position at a time to move the reels. One fruit machine which will always award you with lots of nudges is the Pub Fruity game which is found exclusively in Microgaming Casinos.


Which Reels Should I Nudge?

You will often have lots of in view reel symbols when you play fruit machines online, however often the number of nudges you have been awarded with means that you will be able to nudge downwards reel symbols that are out of view when the bonus feature has first been awarded to you.

With this in mind if for example you are plying a Microgaming designed slot game you will often find a secret hidden feature in play when the nudge feature has been awarded to you, that hidden feature will allow you to take a peek at just what symbols are out of view.

By clicking on the triangle icon which is displayed and located at the top centre position on each reel the reel will then bounce downwards for a second or so allowing you to clearly see just what symbols are out of view.

By clicking on that button you can then see which reels could be worth nudging downwards to help you complete a winning combination. Be aware though that often it is not just winning combinations that can be nudged into position when the nudge feature has been awarded to you, as you may be able to nudge into position symbols that will help you trigger the main bonus feature attached to that fruit machine!


Can Video Slots Award Nudges?

It is not only fruit machines styled and designed online and mobile slot games that are going to award you with a set of nudges from time to time as some of the video slot games which can be accessed and play online or via a mobile gaming platform will also offer this type of bonus feature.

Take for example the excellent and highly playable rand of Untamed Slot games which you are going to find available to play at Microgaming software powered online casino sites. Those slots all offer a randomly awarded nudge feature, however the way that that bonus feature is awarded and plays out is slightly different to the way that fruit machines offer those bonus features!

When you play any of the Untamed Series of slots form Microgaming if you manage to spin in two of the scatter symbols which each trigger a different types of main bonus game on those slots and you get a scatter symbols one position off the in view reel position then one of those in view scatter symbols could blink.

When that happens the slot game could randomly then nudge into view the third scatter symbols onto the in view playing field and by doing so you will then have triggered that bonus feature round!

Do try and give those slot games some play time for the bonus games are very unique and each of those Microgaming designed slot games come with large jackpot sand all of them also have very high payout percentages so you will always get a fair chance of winning when playing any of them!



If you are still getting the hang of playing slot games that you have never played or accessed on your mobile device or via an online gaming platform, then remember that by making the very wise decision of plying at any of our featured casino sites you will have the ability of plying their range of slot games at no risk for free.

By playing those slots in that way you can play around with the option and stake settings and will also be able to experience the way in which all of their unique bonus games and bonus features work.

So d please give some of the slot games and fruit machines mentioned above some play time via the free play versions of those games as that will allow you to make a much more informed decision as to whether you will enjoy playing them in real money way!

If you do go onto make a deposit at any of our featured casino sites for the very first time as a new player then all manner of generous new player sign up bonuses will be made available to you which will extend you slot play time and will give you bankroll some of a boost in value when you make full use of those bonus offers!

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