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Which Slots Have Configurable RTP’s?

double-magic-slotIf you have played some fruit machines in UK land based gaming venues such as a pub, club or even an amusement arcade then one thing that may have come to your attention is that many of those slot games will offer players a different payout percentage depending on the stake levels they play those gaming machines for.

The higher you do stake per spin then the higher the payout percentage becomes, and that does often mean that when playing those types of fruit machines in a land based venue players are often forced to have to play for the maximum stake level on offer, as by doing so they will then benefit from a much higher payout percentage.

You may be wondering if any similar type of slot machines are available to you to play at online casino sites, however that is something that you will not find on offer at most casino sites, for the payout percentages attached to those types of slots all come with set long term expected payout percentages that cannot be adjusted by player based on the stake levels they are playing for.

However, that does mean that you will always then benefit from the expected long term payout percentages no matter whether you are a low stake player or a high stake player and that is a such fairer way of offering a range of slots, for no player should have to make compromises when playing slot games if they like to low roll instead of play for high stakes!


Locating the RTP Information

You will not have to look to hard for the payout percentage information when you make the very wise decision of playing at any of our featured and top rated online casino sites for accessing a information has been made as easy to find as is possible.

Look ether on the website of the casino site you are playing at, on the pay tables of the slot game you are playing or on the help files as those are the three places that information is usually displayed and found.

Just make sure that when you do fancy playing online slot of any description and category online in a  real money playing environment you stick to playing only the slots that have the very highest long term RTP’s as you will then get more play time and more winning payouts over your long term play on those slots too!


What RTP’s are Attached and on offer on Online Slots?

The long term expected payout percentages on all slot games are going to vary however you will often find that some types of slot games do tend to have either lower or higher RTP’s than other categories of slot games.

Take most progressive slot games, many of those huge jackpot paying slots may seem appealing at first glance however what you will often find is that they could be set to return very low payout percentages often in the high 80% ranges!

There are lots of multi-spin type slot games for example that you can play at Playtech powered casino sites which come with payout percentages in the 98% and 99% regions and those slots are some of the very highest paying ones you could ever play online.

In general you will however find that most slot games available online including both three reel and video slots tend to come with payout percentages somewhere between 94% and 97% and as such those RTP’s are higher than average when you compare them to the payout percentages you will find offered on slot machines that you will find available in most land based bricks and mortar casino venues!



The main benefit of you opting to play at any of the casino sites that we have listed around our website if that you will find that the payout percentages on offer on many of the slot games at those casino sites are set in stone.

What you will also often find this that the casino sites and the designers of those slot games will display the payout percentages each of their available slots have been designed to payout to players.

That information can often be found on in one many different places, the first place you should look is on the website of any casino site you are playing at as that is often the place that information will be listed and displayed.

However, you may also find that information displayed on the pay tables of the slots you are playing so do look there, or at some casino sites you will find the long term expected payout percentages on all of their casino slot games and other games listed on the help files attached to each game, so that is another place you should look to find out that all important RTP information!

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