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Which Symbols will be Worth Holding on a Fruit Machine?

pub-fruityWhen you play fruit machines online you will find they tend to offer a completely different type of gaming experience than you will be used to when you have only ever played standard casino styled slot games. Fruit machines are famed for offering players a large range of bonus games and bonus features which are awarded very regularly and as such they are very exciting and entertaining gaming machines to play.

You will find the vast majority of online and land based fruit machines offer a feature known as the hold feature, and when awarded to you the three hold buttons located underneath the three reels these slots have attached to them will flash and you will be able to lock into place any or all of the reels for the next spin.

Below we have compiled a fruit machine playing guide that will enlighten you on just which symbols will be worth holding when you are offered the hold feature when playing online fruit machines, so do have a read of this playing guide as when you do play fruit machines you will be offered the hold feature quite often!


Hold a Winning Combination

If you have spun in a winning combination when playing a fruit machine and the hold feature is offered then always make sure you hold all of the reels that have that winning combination on them, as by doing so you will be awarded that winning combination again once you have held the reels and clicked on the start button!

Some fruit machines have a hidden feature on them whereby you may be offered a hold feature but the hold buttons do not light up, so if you have spun in a winning combination always click on the hold buttons before you click on the start button for by doing so if you have been awarded the hidden hold feature you will then lock that winning combination in place for the next spin you make!


High Valued Reel Symbols

If you are offered the hold feature when playing any online or land based fruit machines then always consider holding the highest valued reel symbols displayed on any of the reels on the payline. You may have only spun in one high valued reel symbol but it may be worth holding the reel it spun in on as you may then spin in the two additional high paying reel symbols on the other two reels.

If you have however spun in two high valued reel symbols on two reels then you really ought to hold those two respective reels in place, for the reel strips on fruit machines are not usually that long and by holding those two matching reel symbols in place there will be a much better chance of you spinning in the third one on the un-held reel when compared to you only having one high valued reel symbol held in place of the next spin.

Be aware that occasionally a fruit machine is going to offer you several hold features on the trot and another often hidden feature found on some online and land based fruit machines will see that machine spinning in the third required reel symbol when you have held two matching symbols three times on the trot, so always be prepared to hold any two matching reel symbols several times on the trot when the hold feature is repeatedly awarded.


Symbols with Super imposed Numbers

What you will find on many different fruit machines is that some of them offer something that is known as a number or feature trail. This will be displayed somewhere on the fruit machine screen and you work your way along the trail by spinning in on any base game spin you play off a number or series of numbers that have been superimposed on some of the standard reel symbols.

The value of the numbers will vary, however what you will be aiming to do when these numbers have spun in is to land on one of the prize paying locations on the number trail or you will be aiming to light up every position on the trail which when you do that the main bonus game attached to that fruit machine will be triggered and awarded to you.

You tend to find when playing fruit machines however that it is usually the lower valued numbers that spin in more regularly, and as such whenever any number has spun in it is always advisable that you should hold them when the hold feature is awarded to you, as by doing so you may end up spinning in the remaining required numbers to trigger the bonus game, or through a series of holds being awarded to you then you can trigger the bonus game by constantly holding the numbers on the win line.



As we are sure many of our slot playing website visitors may never have played online fruit machine games before, then make sure you do at least experience just how great playing and just how potentially high paying these types of gaming machines can be by playing them in a no risk environment at any of our listed and reviewed online casino sites.

By signing up as a player at any casino sites we have listed on our website that offers fruit machines to their customers you will always have the option of being able to sign in as a guest player and then playing as many of their available fruit machines for free and at no risk, which is the best way to get used to how they work, play and operate.

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