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Why Do I Get Lots of Near Misses When Playing Slots?

burning-desire-slotOne thing that is often going to drive you to total distraction when you are playing online slot games  or in fact slot machines in any other environment, is that once you have spun the reels and they have come to a stop you will often find that you experience lots of near misses!

This is when the higher paying reel symbols or bonus game awarding reel symbols line up in such a way that they are one position off forming a huge paying combination or just get one symbol short of being awarded the bonus game on the slot you have chosen to play.

Now many slot players will look at situations such as these and convince themselves that the slot games have been designed to spin in these near misses to give players a heart stopping moment and that will then make those players carry on playing in the hope that they will eventually spin in a jackpot paying combination or finally trigged the illusive bonus feature round by spinning in the required number of scatter or bonus symbols.

However, when you are playing online slot games at any of our featured online casino sites that is never the case for all slot games available at those fully licensed casino sites are completely random in their design and as such those near misses are simply the way the slot reels have landed and it is not some strange conspiracy put into place by the designers of those slot machines to drive you insane!


How to Avoid Near Misses

The only way that you are going to be able to be assured of playing a slot game that will not spin in lots of near misses is by playing the new breed of slot games on which players are able to put into play every single payline permutation possible on the slot games screen, for when you play those slots as every payline permutation is covered then you will experience any near misses!

However, as you would expect as these types of slot games which are known as All Ways slots have been around for a number of years now three are a lot of them which can be accessed and played online, and the actual number of paylines and ways o win that you can put into play varies greatly in number from machine to machine!

Possibly the most cost effective All Ways slot game you can play are those which offer 243 ways to win for some of them can be played for just 0.25 per spin and for that stake when playing slots such as the Burning Desire slot you will always have every possible 243 way to win in view on the slot games screen covered.

There are some slots on which you can play 720 ways to win and some offer 1024 and even 3125 ways to win but those slots do tend to come with a much bigger minimum stake amount that you will be required t place before you can set the reels spinning.

However, when you do decide to play those types of slot you will never then go on to suffer the annoying and mind numbing situation whereby you get lots of near misses when the slot reels have spun and have come to a stop!

There is another way in which you can choose to play slot machines online and will never have to watch the near misses that often can and will appear, and that is by opting to play via the auto play settings that most online gaming platforms have available.

When you choose to send a slot into play via the auto play setting you can then wander off and do something else safe in the knowledge the slot will play itself off automatically at your chosen stake amounts and any and all winning payouts will of course be credited to your casino account.

Many auto play settings will also give you the option for the slot to stop automatically when you win a jackpot or even a high valued winning payout and you can also set the auto play settings to stop the slot playing off automatically when a bonus game or bonus feature round has been triggered so you can then return to the slot and watch it playing off!



As you have just found out the number of near misses you will experience when playing any online slot game which has been certified as being fair and random is down to nothing more than the way the reels have come to a stop and they have not be programmed to spin in lots of annoying near misses!

You should however always make sure that the slot games you are playing if you are playing at a casino you have never played at before are completely fair and random and have been certified as being such, or if you do not know who has designed those slot machines and are not being guaranteed that they are completely fair and random then you could end up playing a slot or a series of slot machines that will never payout as they are supposed to do or may even spin in a plethora of near misses to give you the false impression that they may just be about to payout!

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