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Linking Slots for Bigger Jackpot Pay Outs

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Linked slot machine to pay out much larger jackpots.

Linked slot machine to pay out much larger jackpots.

This initiative has been planned for quite some time and the goal is to create larger, better jackpots by linking many of the slot machines throughout New Jersey and Nevada. Not only have they done this but many people are excited to see exactly how it works. 100 of the machines throughout Atlantic City are now linked with 600 different ones throughout Nevada. They are all progressive jackpots and they grow in size as more people decide to play on them and do not win the jackpots that will pay out on one lucky winner.

Excitement Builds

Atlantic City is excited about this expansion due to the fact that it will make their casinos much larger and stronger with the new merger from Las Vegas. This is going to give the players a better opportunity to play for much larger jackpots than they were not able to win before. The system came out the middle of last week and it was announced to be starting the end of this week. This is one of the most exciting mergers for both of the parties and are looking towards seeing some of the largest jackpots in the area.

They do not want to stop here though, since they want to see other states link with their machines and create some of the larger jackpots that they have ever seen. This plan has been worked on for quite some time – over two years – in order to provide the best machines out there. Many of the states however, are banning gambling so this means less to link too.

This is in effort to save the casinos throughout Atlantic City, although some have already been closed down. They want to make sure that all of them do not close their doors. Three is good for now, any more and Atlantic City can be in big trouble when it comes to the gaming industry. The state depends on this money that the casinos bring in, but when they are failing to meet minimums to even keep their doors open – you know that money is not going where it is supposed too, either.

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