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Trump Plaza Selling Off Their Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Trump Plaza to sell off their slot machines.

The Trump Plaza, one of the 12 casinos that is closing their doors, is now selling off the equipment inside before they auction off the building. There is a lot that is going for affordable prices, since they just want to move it all to pay back their debt and this is a great time for those opening casinos, who own existing casinos and so on to get the additional games that they would like to have for the doors of their casinos.

So What is Being Sold?

Everything from tables to slot machines, and lots of them are all coming out the doors and being put into new casinos throughout the area. If you want something a bit more out of the ordinary, or a piece from a casino that really stands out and did well in their day, then you’re able to get it when you come out to see what they have to offer, and they are offering a lot.

When it comes to selling these, they are sad to let them go but they have to get out of the slump that they are in and finding the right funds can be hard when it comes to a casino that wasn’t doing so well in the past months and continued to be on the down slide. They are selling them in singles, as well as batches with them going for just under $150,000 – allowing you to get the most out of the machines and what they give you in return.

Whether you own a casino, want to own one for yourself or so on, they have them in abundance and they need to go – sooner, rather than later. Come down and see what is left when you have a chance. You can pick up a gem within the rough.

When it comes to the casinos in the area, as well as the latest slot machine news, make sure to check back to Money Slots every so often to keep up on the world of slot machines and beyond. Something is always happening, and you can be the first one to be informed of them.

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