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Are Classic Slots Better Paying Slots?

atlantis-slotBeing an avid slot player online you may have one type of slot game you seem to always end up playing, and if you tend to stick to playing video slot games then you may find those classic slots rather boring looking slots and slots that are not going to give you as entertaining a slot playing session as you are used to playing.

However, one question that any online slot playing is always going to be looking for the answer to is in regards to just which are the very best paying slot games to play, and those are of course the slots which come with the very highest payout percentages.

As classic slot games are designed as three reel slot games and games which usually have just one single payline you may think those games are not going to give you a playing structure that comes with a very high payout percentage, however if that is what you think you may be surprised to learn that there are some online three reel classic slots available that come with much higher payout percentages than many video slot games!

The only aspect to playing classic slots which may put you off playing hem is that they only have the one payline on offer and you are not going o find many of them which offer a bonus game or bonus type feature round. But you should really only be looking for slots offering you the chance of winning big and those slots with the highest payout percentages as those slots will give you much longer playing sessions and will, over our long term play give you back as winning payouts more of your stake money than lower paying slots will do.


What Classic Slots Can I Play Online

There are in fact several differ subcategories of classic slot games that you will be able to access and play online and as such we shall now give you quick run through of each of them for if you have been put off playing these types of slot before a you may have thought they are all the same, then think again as you may just find some of them very appalling slots to play more so those with the very highest payout percentages!

The best playing slot games in regards to the payout percentages attached to them that you will find come with a three reel playing structure when you are playing at a Playtech software powered online casino site are the Multi Spin slot games. These games come with a playing structure that will see you playing off several three reel slots of the same type on the same spin, however the payout percentage son moist of those slots are above 99% and as such are slot you should always be aiming to play whenever logged into a Playtech software powered online casino sites.

When you play at a Microgaming powered online casino site you are going to find lots of different types of three reel slots games. Some of their slots come with a bonus game on offer and as such when playing hem you could trigger a pick to win bonus game to a wheel spinning bonus feature round, whilst many of their classic slots come with no additional bonus games or bonus features.

In fact Microgaming have the largest array of classic and three reel slots so you will find lots of different themes and playing structures attached do them, some of their slots offer one payline whilst they do have quite a number of slots offering three and five pay lines.

You will also find a range of progressive jackpot paying tree reel slots, however if you do decide to play those slot sis it important that you look at the pay table and see just how the jackpot payout is awarded to you as you will either be obliged to play for maximum coin spins or maximum payline spins on those progressive three reel slots to stand any chance of walking off with the progressive jackpot on offer on them!

If you do fancy playing Microgaming’s range of classic three reel slots then do checkout their High Five and Couch Potato slots for those two slot have the highest payout percentage and have a high jackpot on offer and each of those two classic slots also come with a set of wild multiplier symbols which boost winning payouts by five and twenty five times their normal payout amounts when one or two of those symbols spin in and help form a winning combination respectively!



Always scroll through the entire slot game menu when you are logged into any online casino site, for often hidden away in those game menus will be a range of the older styled classic slot games, and as y out have just found out there are plenty of them on offer which come with very attractive payout percentages and some huge jackpots can be won when playing them.

Whilst no bonus games are usually offered on these types of slots it is only the payout percentages that should make any one slot game more appealing to play than others, and as such you could have some very long slot playing session if you do decide to play these types of slots and session that you will enjoy, more so if those high winning payout are spun in when you do decide to play classic slots online!

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