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Are More Random Slot Jackpots Won Over The Weekend?

By choosing to play at an online casino site, if you are a slot player you are then going to be blessed with a huge range of different slot games, and will be able to pick out and play those that appeal to you the most.

What I am aware of is that many players do enjoy the thrill and excitement offered by slot games that offer random jackpots, those being progressive jackpots that are awarded to players via a bonus game or just randomly at the end of any base game spin.

As those slot games can often be played for any stake with no need to have to play for maximum stakes or with all pay lines activated on the slot they are attached to, means that even the very lowest of low rolling slot player can afford to play them and have a chance of winning a high valued progressive jackpot.

Most random jackpots are however won over the weekend at most online casino sites, and the main reason they are often won on a Saturday or Sunday is simply due to the fact that most casinos online are at their very busiest over the weekend, so there are more players playing those slots and no other reason that that!


Different Ways Random Jackpot Slots Payout Their Jackpots

The actual way that you could end up winning a randomly awarded progressive jackpot can differ, for each slot game designer will often have in place on their slots a unique way of paying out those jackpots.

Some slot games, those for example that you are going to find on offer at Real Time Gaming casino sites that are known as Real Series slot award their jackpots at random at the end of any spin you play off, but those spins must be paid for spins and not ones that have been awarded to you via say a set of free games.

Other companies that do offer their players random progressive slot game include Playtech and Microgaming, their slot machines tend to award progressive jackpots via a randomly awarded bonus game or bonus feature.

As such if you do play either of those to companies range of slot games you could trigger a pick and match bonus game that could award you with a progressive jackpot or even trigger a wheel spinning type of bonus game on which you are guaranteed to win one of several different progressive jackpots when that bonus game has been awarded to you!


Risks Involved In Playing Progressive Slot Games

It doesn’t matter which type or category of progressive slot game you do decide to play, they are going to be some of the riskiest slot games you can play in any playing environment.

The chance of winning a progressive jackpot are always going to be tiny, and one thing you could end up doing is playing one of them for a long period of time, and by doing so you will be feeding that jackpot pool and then another players goes and wins that jackpot!

So never become obsessed with the size and value of any slot games progressive jackpot, for if you do you could spend a lot of money trying to win that jackpot and may never actually do so!

But there is no escaping just how exciting and also just how entraining most progressive slot games can be to play, so set yourself a strict gambling budget to play such slot games with, and as soon as you have spent up that set aside bankroll stop playing, or you could very easily get carried away when playing such slots, which is something no slot player should ever do!



One way that you could possibly get a slightly increased chance of winning a life changing slot games progressive jackpot is by becoming a player who tracks jackpots, and only ever plays those that have jackpots attached to them that are overdue.

Each slot machine that has been available online for a fair amount of time will of course have paid out a series of jackpots whilst they have been available online, and by finding out how much on average each player won via those jackpot payouts, you can then discover if a slot game does have a jackpot that is overdue.

By playing only those slot games that have jackpots way higher in value than are usually paid out to players, then they may just be about to play out. However, being random you just never now when one of those huge jackpots are going to be paid out as they can be won by any player at any moment, but an overdue one is always going to be appealing to many players!

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