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Can I Hold Reel Symbols on Slot Games?

pub-fruityThere are so many different base game bonus features that you will trigger and get awarded to you when playing slot game online, that it is going to see you going on a learning curve when you do start to play slot games in this way!

One bonus feature which should not be too complicated to understand is something that is known as a hold feature, and there are a huge number of slot games and slot machines that now have this base game feature attached to them.

We want to ensure you have as much information as is possible to allow you to fully understand how each and every slot game you can have access to online works and operates, and that is why we have compiled the following guide, which is going to enlighten you on how the hold feature works on a range of different slot games offered by several of our featured and approved online casino sites.

One thing which is sure to be of interest to many players is that out of all of the many different slot game base game bonus features you can be awarded with when playing slot games online, it is the hold feature which is the most commonly awarded one, and that means you are guaranteed of having some very entertaining and exciting session when you play any of the slot games we are about to introduce you to!


What Slots Offer the Hold Feature?

Fruit Machines are the types of slot machines that you are going to find have the hold feature attached to them, and as these types of slot games are readily available online you will not have any problems locating and finding these types of slots to play online, in fact there are several mobile casinos that also offer fruit machines to their players.

Fruit Machines offer a three stepper reel type of playing structure and often they only have one single payline that needs activating and as such they are very low cost slot games to play. However when you are playing these slots you will often find the hold buttons will flash before you click on the spin button.

As soon as the hold buttons are flashing then you are faced with a decision. That decision is that you can choose to hold any, all or none of the reels into position for that next spin you play off. If you wish to hold any of the reels then simply click or tap the respective hold button located underneath the reel you wish to hold in place.

You may be wondering which are the best reels to hold to give you an increased chance of spinning in a winning combination, if you have two matching reel symbols on any of the reels when the hold feature is offered to you then it is those two reels you should hold, as by doing so you will only need the third matching symbols to spin in on the win line when you have sent that one reel spinning to form a winning combinations.

However, do look out for the hold feature being awarded to you when you have just spun in a winning combination, of the hold feature is awarded to you then you should immediately hold all of the reels into place on which that winning combination has been formed, for by doing so you are then going to be awarded with that winning combination again!

Some fruit machines also have special numbers that are super imposed onto some of the reel symbols, and when those numbers do spin in they will move you the corresponding number of position along the number trail attached to those games.

The aim is for you to completely light up all of the numbers on that trail as that will then see you being able to play off a bonus game or additional set of bonus features. If for example the number trail has eight positions on it and you have spun in numbers totalling four, and the hold feature is then offered to you, then hold those numbers and on the next spin you will complete that number trail and be awarded with the respective bonus feature!



You may now be wanting to give some of the slot games on which a hold feature is available, and if you are then maybe it would be a good idea for you to give those slot games some play time in a risk free playing environment as that way you will be able to play lots of spins on the slots and get used to hold the reels when that base game bonus feature is awarded to you.

If that is something you are willing to do then please do feel free to sing up to any of the online casinos that are reviewed around our website as all of them will allow you to play their hold bonus game awarding slots for free.

If you do find that you like the way that the hold features work and operate then you can also switch over to the real money playing environment and give those slot games your best shot when playing them for real money.

In fact if you do decide to sign up as a new player at any of our featured casino sites then when you make an initial deposit into those sites you will be able to claim a large new player slot game bonus offer to increase you bankroll and your play time on those slots!

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