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How Can I Lower Slot Bonus Play Through Requirements?

Playing slot games with bonus credits claimed through either a new player or ongoing loyalty type promotion is of course going to give you plenty of extra play time, and with some luck more chances of winning and possibly winning big too.

However, every single bonus you come across will have its own unique set of terms and conditions, reading through them will be something you should always make a point of doing, for by doing so you will then discover how you are going to be permitted to use those bonus credits.

Some bonuses you can claim will have restrictions in place which means you may only be able to play certain slot games or may have to play for a certain stake level too, and some bonuses may also have a limit in place in regards to how much you can win with your bonus credits!

One of the most important terms and conditions found on any slot game related bonus however is the play through requirement, and that is the number of times you have to play through your bonus credits before they are turned into real money credits.

This guide will give you some ideas and pointers in regard to how you may be able to lower those play through requirements or how to find and then play the slots giving you a better chance of achieving the play through requirements.


Low or High Risk Slot Games

It may be beneficial for you to look for the slot games that give the lowest element of risk to your bankroll and bonus credits.

As such what you should be looking to play are slot games on which there is a low variance type of playing structure in place. A low variance slot is simply a slot machine which has been designed in such a way that when you are playing it more below valued winning combinations will be spun in.

You may also find that when playing such slots which also have bonus games and bonus features attached and on offer on them you will trigger those bonus games more often than when playing medium or high variance slots, but the payouts you achieve when playing off those bonus games and bonus features will not usually be huge in value!

However, if you want to have the chance of winning very big and then hopefully seeing some huge winning payouts spinning in which may be the key to you then being able to achieve the play through requirements opt for the slots which have a high variance type of playing structure instead!


Increasing Your Chance of Winning

Once you have made up your own mind as to the element of risk you want to have attached to your bonus play slot playing session then you should also be looking at ways that you can increase your chances of actually winning when playing.

One of the ways you are always going to get more winning payouts over the long term is by selecting he slot games to play on which there is an above average payout percentage, for those slots will be paying more of your stakes and wagers back out to you over the long term, than a slot with has a much lower payout percentage.

Therefore make a point of looking up the payout percentage of any slots you do like the look of and may be thinking of playing with bonus credits, and in regards to what payout percentages are higher than average we would suggest you play slots which have RTP’s higher than 97%.

You will be surprised at just how many slot games at various different casino sites will have high payout percentages, but always avoid any lower paying slots which payout percentages lower that 98%!



Time will tell whether you do enjoy playing slot machines online or on a mobile phone with a casinos bonus credits, for many players do enjoy claiming those bonuses.

However, if you do want to have the benefit of playing any type of slot games whenever you like for any stake level too and with no restrictions in place then you should forget about claiming bonuses and simply play with your own funds instead.

By doing so you will be able to stop playing at any moment in time and will be free to make a withdrawal from your account at any time too, which is something you are not going to be able to do when you have claimed bonus credits until you have achieved the all important play through requirements.

Be aware that all of our featured and top rated casino sites have some of the fairest and most reasonable play through requirements attached to their bonus offers, so those are the casinos site you should be signing up to and playing at!

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