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Should I Claim Bonuses on Every Deposit I Make?

gift-rap-slotBonuses are a way that many casino sites will not only be able to draw in new players but will also allow their current customer base to have an added incentive for making a deposit into their casino site accounts, however there are pros and cons of taking bonuses as you are about to find out.

The most utilized types of casino bonuses are deposit match bonuses, and when you come across any such bonus you will find that when you make a deposit and claim a deposit match bonus a percentage of your deposit will be matched by the casino site you are playing at with bonus credits.

It is not unheard of for many casino sites to offer bonuses to their slot players worth 100% or more of their deposited amount, and often a player will be able to claim any such bonuses from just one casino each day, and as such the temptation for players to claim bonuses on every single deposit they make will be far too tempting!

However, we want  you to be fully aware of all of the pros and cons of claiming multiple ongoing bonuses on each deposit you make and as such please do read on to discover whether that is something you should do.


Why Claim Lots of Bonuses?

The main reasons why you will be tempted to claim a lot of consecutive bonuses from any online or mobile casino site are of course that you will get a lot of additional play time from your bankroll and deposits and will therefore get some much longer slot playing sessions.

Whist it is possible to win and win big when claiming bonuses, if you do tend to claim them on every single deposit you make and continue to beat the odds when claiming bonuses and keep on winning then you will often find some casinos will stop offering your bonuses!

However, there are certainly no shortages of online casino sites that you can sign up to and play at as a real money player that will be offering you lots of bonuses at any one time, so simply move around from casino site casino if you never want to run the risk of being bonus banned from one single casino site!


Playing without Claiming any Bonuses

There are going to be many benefits of you choosing not to take any casino bonuses, one of the main things you will benefit from is that you are always going to be in charge of the types of slot games you can play.

You will of course have the added benefit of being able to play for any stake level you like when you are playing with your own bankroll and not using any bonuses, and of course it does go without saying you will never be tied into any play through requirements.

As such if you want to be able to cash out whenever you like and never be tied into any type of bonus restrictions then you should only ever play with your own credits and never claim any additional bonus credits.

The choice however will be yours, for it is very true to say that due to the sheer size of some of the bonuses you can claim from or featured and approved casinos and the generous terms and conditions associated with using those bonuses you will often get lots of additional chances of winning and much more play time from your money when you do set about claiming any of them!



What you may be best off doing if you do want to have access to a very steady and constant stream of bonus offers will be to choose just one casino site to play at as a real money player and then concentrate all of your playing efforts at that casino site.

By doing so what you will often find it that you will then go on to be allocated a VIP Host who will then offer all a larger range of bonuses than you usually would be offered, and many of those bonus offers will be tailored around the types of casino games you enjoy playing the most.

You will additionally be earning comps when you do play real money slot games online and if you do stick to playing at one or a very small number of different casino sites you are going to earn way more points when doing so than if you play at lots of different casinos and spread your gaming action around those sites!

The most generous casino sites at which to play at when it comes to you being offered lots of bonus offers are all of those we have listed throughout our website, so do consider signing up to those casino sites for the maximum rewards!

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