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How Can I Win More Playing Classic Slots?

chiefs-magic-slotWe know that some slot players will always avoid playing the more advanced type of slot games which offer lots of different base and bonus game features, and it is often the Classic Slots that players wanting a very basic type of slot playing session will end up playing.

With this in mind in the following slot playing guide we are going to take a look at Classic slot games and present to you a range of playing strategies and playing hints and tips that will allow you to get more chances of winning should these types of slot games be of interest to you and the type of slots you are looking to play online.

You should however always be aware that when you play slot game of any type online, much like when you play them in a land based casino your chances of winning are going to be at the mercy of luck, as all online slot games are completely random so you should win or lose at any time when playing them!


Understanding the Pay Tables

One aspects of playing Classic slot games which is quite important is that you need to be fully aware of the pay tables attached to any slot you play, for there are several pay table that are going to offer you some enhanced winning payouts if you choose to play either the maximum number of paylines per spin or you put into play the maximum number of coins per spin.

Classic slot games all share a three reel structure, however when playing some of them you will find that you can only play one single payline per spin and put into play a number of coins wagered on that single payline, or you will be offer a number of optional paylines but can only play one coin per spin on each payline you choose to put into play.

When playing many Classic slots offering just one payline then you should always take a look at the payouts attached to each of the winning combinations that are listed on the pay table, and see if the one, two or three coin winning payouts are an equal percentage of each other. Some slots will offer an enhanced payout for example on the jackpot paying combinations if you put into play the maximum number of coins, and if such an enhanced winning payout is offered then always play maximum coins on that slot.

If however the Classic slot you are thinking of playing offers you the ability to play more than one payline per spin, check the pay table to see if the any of the listed payouts are enhanced in value if you spin them in on the higher numbered pay lines, and if so then when playing those slots to have the best chance of winning more you should always activate all of the available paylines adjusting the coin value settings if required to allow you to be able to afford to play them all.


Classic Slot Game RTP’s

Another aspect of playing Classic slots if you want the best chances of winning more often is that you will need to find out the long term expected payout percentage of each and every slot on offer at the casino you are playing at.

Now admittedly looking up the RTP’s which means return to player payout percentages, may take a little time as they can be listed on the casinos website, on each slot games individual pay table or somewhere on the slot games help files, but it really will be time well spent, for by knowing just how  much each slot game has been set to return to players as winnings from the stakes wagered on each slot you will soon be able to locate and then play only the very highest paying Classic slots online.

Even a one or two percentage point difference in the payout percentages found on slot games can often mean the difference in your winning more over the short and long term and as such always make sure the slot you are going to play for real money are the highest paying ones available at the casino site you have chosen to play at.


Using Bonuses on Classic Slot Games

If you are going to play Classic slots online then it may be worth your time and effort claiming one of the many Casino Bonuses that are freely available at every single one of our listed casino sites. The art to getting more chances of winning when claiming any casino bonus is to find those with the highest value meaning that you select the ones offering you more bonus credits as a percentage of the amount you deposit.

Also the best valued casino bonuses are always those that have the very lowest play through requirements attached to them and no maximum cash out limits imposed on those bonuses.



You may not find a huge nor varied collection of Classic slot games at most online casino sites, for many players do opt to play the more advanced video slot games when logged into an online casino site. However, you will find lots of them offered at Playtech and Microgaming powered sites so it may be worth checking some of the casinos out that utilize those two gaming platforms.

If you want to sample playing some very low tech video slot games then you will find several of them that offer no type of bonus games or bonus features, and a couple worth checking out and playing are the Winning Wizards Slot and the Crazy Chameleons slot, for both of these slots are very basic video slot games on which no bonus feature will be triggered.

In fact it may be worth playing those slots for thanks to both of them boasting something known as a both ways playing structure when you play any of them all winning combinations can pay from left to right and right to left on the slot game screen.

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