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Slot Games with a Both Ways Playing Structure

crazy-chameleons-slotYou are probably used to playing online slot games on which you need to form winning combination from reel one onwards, and then have a matching set of reel symbols lining up on consecutive Pay Lines. This is how the majority of slot games work, play and operate.

However, as online slot games do appear to keep on getting more and more advanced, you may also come across a range of slots that you have never seen or played before that not only left you form winning combinations in the way described above, but will also let you play them and form a winning combinations from reel five backwards!

These types of slot games are known as Both Ways Slots, and when playing them you can have twice as many winning chances due to the winning combinations being able to be formed from left to right and also form from right to left on the slot games screen!

You will find two different types of Both Ways slot on offer at various casino sites, and below is an overview of each of them. If you are looking for the maximum winning chances when you log onto your favourite casino sites then playing slots which give you twice the number of winning opportunities are of course the slots you ought to be playing!


Bonus Bet Both Way Slots

Many of the more popular Casino Software Gaming Platforms will have a wide range of slots on offer and when opting to play at some of them you will find slots available to play on which you can place an additional side bet. This will be an optional additional wagering opportunity and in exchange for paying and placing that side bet amount you will then unlock one of several additional playing features.

Take Microgaming’s Atomic 8’S Slot game, when playing this slot you can choose to activate and play a Power Spins side bet option, and when activated all winning combinations will play and pay from left to right and right to left.

If you fail to turn on and activate that additional bonus bet wager then the game is only going to award you with a winning payout on any winning combinations formed from left to right only. As the stake required to put into play the Power Spins side bet is three times your line bet wager it is a very cost effective wager to play more so as you will ultimately get more chances of forming a winning combination when you have placed it!

This is a multi stake slot game and that does of course mean you can play it for low stakes amounts, but if you do fancy giving it some play time and only have a small account balance and a low gaming budget then playing all 9 paylines on a penny per spin will of course result in each spin costing 0.09 or when you turn on the Power Spins side bet option each spin will cost just 0.12.


Standard Both Way Slots

There are four standard video slot games available in the downloadable gaming platform offered by Microgaming powered casinos, that offer no bonus feature rounds or bonus games, but these four slots of which you will find an overview below allow you to play with a Both Ways playing structure in place and there is no additional stake or bonus side bet required to play twice the number of ways to win!

Have a look through this listing for each slot game does offer a very unique theme and the jackpot son offer on each of these particular Both Ways slots are well worth winning!

If you are looking for a very fast playing Both Ways slot and one with a modest sized jackpot on offer but one that does award that jackpot regularly then make your way over to a Microgaming powered casino and give their Crazy Chameleons Slot a try.

This game has a 5,000 coin jackpot and as mentioned you should see that jackpot paying combination spinning in and forming much more regularly than when you are playing the other slots listed below!

The best paying Both Ways Slot in regards to its jackpot is the Totem Treasure Slot and when playing this little beauty you have the chance of winning a 12,000 coin jackpot by simply spinning in all five of the Eagle symbols, so if you do decide to give this slot a whirl then let us hope that is the exact winning combination you form when playing it on one of this games 5 pay lines!

The Genies Gems Slot will be worth playing for the base game jackpot on offer is a huge 10,000 coins and this particular 5 payline slot does of course boast the Both Ways playing format offering you twice as many chances of winning than when playing other standard video slot games!

One final Both Ways structured online slot game which also offers a 10,000 coin base game jackpot is the Winning Wizards Slot, this is one of the oldest slots found online and you have five pay lines on offer but with the Both Ways playing structure you do of course get 10 ways to win on each spin you choose to set into motion!



The one most important factor to keep in mind when you are playing any type of online slot game is the listed and expected payout percentage any slot game you choose to play is going to pay out. Even though a slot may offer you all manner of different Slot Game Bonus Features, at the end of the day it is the payout percentages that will make one slot more playable that any other.

So keep that in mind when you are interested in playing any of the above named Both Ways Slots, as those offering the very highest payout percentages known as RTP’s are the ones the savviest slot players will be hunting down and playing!

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