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How Do Bitcoin Slot Games Work?

You may have come across a range of different online and mobile casino sites that now offer their customers a range of different deposit options. There has however been a sharp increase in regards to the number and types of casinos that now let players deposit and play using Bitcoin.

As such, if you do come across a casino site that is completely geared only to Bitcoin users, then you may be interested in finding out about how Bitcoin slot games work, play and pay and also how you go about playing at such a casino site too.

With that in mind below I am going to be giving you a basic overview of how you can sign up and then start to play at any Bitcoin accepting casino site, and what the pros and cons of doing so will be!

Just keep in mind however, that Bitcoin is one of over 1500 different types of cryptocurrencies you could be interested in using but as that cryptocurrency is the most used one and one that is readily available, if you do fancy taking the step into the Bitcoin casino playing environment you will not find it very difficult to do so!


Digital Wallets and Digital Currency Exchanges

To be able to make a deposit into a Bitcoin casino site using that digital currency you are first going to have to get some Bitcoin! The way in which you do so is not actually that complicated so please read on for an overview of how to do so.

You first need to download a digital wallet onto your computer, there are no fees or charges to be paid to do so and there are a handful of them you can choose to make use of.

Once you have download a digital wallet or even a web browser extension such as MetaMask that works  as a digital wallet and have made a note of your private keys and passwords etc then you need to find a digital currency exchange at which to buy Bitcoin from.

There are going to be a few small fees and charges associated with buying Bitcoin depending on how you choose to pay for it, but once purchased it will then be sent to your digital wallet and you can then start to use Bitcoin as your chosen deposit option.


Depositing and Playing Slot Games Using Bitcoin

If the casino site you choose to play at uses Bitcoin as the currency option in place at that casino site, then when you make a deposit into your account you will be able to play each slot game or any other casino games for units of Bitcoin.

You simply need to use the banking interface at that casino site to send Bitcoin into your account and you will be sending it to the casino sites digital wallet address when doing so.

You will be able to make relatively small deposits or high valued ones using such a banking interface, and keep in mind that Bitcoin can be divided up into much smaller units so you are not going to have to make deposits of a full Bitcoin or have to play any of the casino games for a full single unit of Bitcoin either.

There are going to be just as many different bonuses offers and promotional deals you can claim and make use of when using Bitcoin as your chosen casino deposit option, and many casino sites that do accept Bitcoin will use a bonus code claiming system so you are always free to choose just which if any bonuses you do want to claim by using the respective bonus code.



Not only are you going to have the option of funding your casino account and then playing slot machines online using Bitcoin, but you are also going to be given the ability of making a withdrawal too and getting it paid back to your digital wallet in Bitcoin.

However, what you may not be aware of, and this I’m sure is going to be of great interest to a very large number of slot players, is that many Bitcoin casino sites now allow their players to make an instant withdrawal of their winnings and get in paid into their chosen digital wallet in real time!

Online casinos all over the world have very warmly embraced Bitcoin as a banking method at their respective sites, and as there are no risks that a player could charge back their deposits when using Bitcoin or for that matter any other digital currency, many of them are more than happy to allow players to request and instant winning payouts.

But as always, I would advise you to shop around for not all Bitcoin casino sites do offer instant withdrawals and payouts, but a large number of them now do so!

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