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How Do I Configure the Risk Element of a Slots Gamble Feature?

Not all slot machines that you will come across online or when you decide to play via a mobile casino app, or even in a land based brick and mortar casino have a gamble game option on offer.

So if you do enjoy playing off that feature whenever you have spun in a winning combination then you are going to have to look through the slot game menu or wander around the gaming floor at any casino venue you are playing at to find the slots which do offer the gamble game.

If you are fairly new to playing slot machines in any playing environment, then you may not be aware of the way in which the gamble game feature works, and if not then all it does is give you the chance of increasing the value of any winning payout you have spun in when you make use of it.

There is however a risk involved in playing off any slot games gamble game for there is the chance you could lose when playing it off and if you do so you will not get a winning payout from that base game spun in winning combination!


Basic Slot Game Gamble Games

The most basic type of slot game gamble game is one on which when you have chosen to make use of it the gamble game screen will launch, and you will then be faced with having to guess if a playing card that is about to be dealt out is going to be a red one or a black one.

If you pick red and the very next card dealt out on the gamble game screen is a black one then you lose and the gamble game ends there and then and you lose the amount of cash you risked on that gamble game.

If you pick black for example and a black card is dealt out then you win and the amount of cash you gamble is then doubled in value. At that stage you can opt to collect your winnings or take the gamble game again to try and double those winnings an additional time.

There is often another option you can take on those basic slot machine gamble games and that is for you to try and guess the suit of the next playing card, if you do manage to do so then the amount of cash you gambled via that gamble game is quadrupled.


More Advanced Slot Game Gamble Games

There are several slot machines designers that have taken a look at their gamble games and have totally revamped them, as to be perfectly honest they can be rather boring to play off sometimes and players always do look for unique and fun to play off bonus games and features.

Therefore some slot machines that you are going to come across in any playing environment may now allow you to set into their respective gamble games the actual element of risk you want to have in play on that gamble game.

You will often find that you are not forced to have to gamble all of the winnings you spun in on the base game spin when playing off such a gamble game as you can pick and choose just how much of those winnings you want to risk via the gamble game.

Most slot machines that do allow you to adjust the element of risk on their gamble games will offer a gamble game that is presented as a circle or globe, and you can adjust the area of that circle or globe to have a winning or losing area, the lower the win area the higher the payout odds.

When you have chosen how much you wish to gamble and the element of risk you then click onto the spin or gamble button and an arrow will spin in the middle of the globe or circle and if it spins in and points on the in area you have won, if it lands in the lose area you have lost!



Just keep in mind that when you do set about playing any slot machines if and when you do decide to make use of the gamble game there is a very real risk you will experience a losing outcome.

If you do play such a slot and lose many times on the trot and consecutively then you are going to make a huge dint in your bankroll, and that bankroll way not last you very long at all.

Therefore one fairly good slot playing strategy in regards to playing off the gamble game on any slot machines is to only gamble the very lowest value winning payouts as that way you won’t run the risk of busting out your bankroll way to quickly if you do experience several losing outcomes on those gamble games!

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