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How Many Paylines Should I Activate?

fat-lady-sings-slot-pay-linesWe have lots of different online slot playing guides dotted around this website and we invite you to take a look at as many of them as you can, for they are going to enable you to get a much better understanding of how all of the many different types and categories of online slot games are designed and structured.

If you wish to get stuck into playing any type of online slot game for free or for real money then you will need to find a slot that is going to be enjoyable and will offer you the very highest slot game payout percentages.

However, when playing any type of slot game online you will find each one comes with its own unique payline playing structure and format and in this slot playing guide we are going to let you know just how many paylines you should be looking to put into play on all online slot games you do decide to play.

For there can be some consequences for not activating all of the paylines on some slot game such as getting a much lower payout percentage based on your long term play or you could miss out on winning the maximum jackpot any online slot game has on offer if you do not play with all of the paylines on offer on a slot live and in play!


Three Reel Slot Payline Settings

You do need to look at the pay table of every single three reel slot game that you like the look of and are thinking of playing, for listed on that pay table will be the winning payouts that you could spin in based on either the number of coins wagered on single line three reel slots or how much you can win when playing one or more paylines on those three reel slots offering a multiple line playing structure and format.

It is often going to be the case that any three reel slot game that has more than one coin per payline on offer as the stake option setting or any three reel slot on which you can play more than one payline will offer you an enhanced or boosted jackpot payout when playing them for maximum stake amounts.

With that in mind it is very important to always play those types of three reel slots with either the maximum coins or maximum paylines always in play on every single base game spin you play off, for by you doing so you will then benefit from those enhanced jackpot winning payouts when those high paying winning reel symbols lines up on the payline or certain pay lines.

If you come across a three reel progressive slot game then you will always have to play it with maximum coins in play and/or maximum paylines for you to ever have a chance of spinning in and then being awarded the progressive jackpot that those slots have on offer, by not playing those types of slot sin that way you will never ever be able to win the progressives jackpot!


Paylines to Activate on Video Slot Games

The payout percentage of most video slot games will not be any different if you play that slot over the long term with fewer than the maximum number of paylines that slot has on offer, however some slot games may have something of a decrease on offer by way of its payout percentage if you play fewer than the maximum number of pay lines.

It is often the case that video slots which have scatter symbols attached to those reels will award their respective free spins bonus rounds no matter how many paylines you have chosen to play, so when playing few than the maximum number of paylines you will trigger the free spins round just as many times as any other player even if those other players are playing many more paylines than you.

However, some slot games offering bonus symbols that will trigger a bonus round when they line up only on activated paylines will always offer maximum line players the best chance of triggering their respective bonus games.

With that in mind you should always play video slots with the maximum number of lines always in play as that will ensure the best chance so of winning off the base game and you will also always increase the chance of you forming lots of winning combinations if that slot does offer any form of free spins bonus round!



No matter which type of online slot games you enjoy playing, the only way that you are going to be able to be guaranteed of having the maximum winning opportunities when playing slot online is for you to put into play all of the paylines any slot has on offer.

Whilst this is going to be easy to do on for example the All Ways structured video slots, you war going to be best off taking a look at the playing structure found on nay slot game you are thinking of playing for as many slots offer optional paylines each payline attached to any slot may need manually adjusting once you have launched them from the slot game menu, as they may not automatically have their full complement of paylines in play once the game has been launched!

As you are going to be able to play slots for low stakes or high stakes in addition to playing all of the paylines a slot game has on offer you should always ensure that those coin values and often the number of coins you can wage on any slot game are suitable to your playing style and much more importantly enable you to pick a stake options setting that will not eat up your available slot playing bankroll too quickly!

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