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How Many Points Guarantees a Slot Tournament Prize?

The first thing you do need to be aware of in regards to slot tournaments is to get your head around how they work and operate and also just how it is you can win one of the cash prizes attached and on offer on any one of them you do enter.

You will find that as an online casino player you will find both free to enter slot tournaments, which usually have only a small and modest set of prizes on offer on the, and you will also find a set of paid to enter slot tournaments which usually have the very highest possible set of cash prizes that you can win on them.

As you play off your entry in any type of slot tournament you are going to be awarded with points based on the value of the winning combinations you spun in when playing of your entry.

In regards to just how many points you need to guarantee a prize on any slot tournament it is always the case that the player who manages to win the most when playing of their entry and amasses the most points will then win the highest valued cash prize, but those other players who do get lots of points and are listed higher up the Leaderboard based on their points total can often get paid out cash prizes too!


Are There Any Slot Tournament Playing Tips?

If you do want to take part in any number of online slot tournaments you may be sat there right now wondering if there are any playing strategies that you can adopt in the hope that you will then get a much better chance of winning any tournaments you do decide to enter and take part in!

Well, at the end of the day when playing off your slot tournament entry you need to play off as many spins as you possibly can do during the tournament and then hope as many of those spins are winning ones as is possible!

So always make sure that when you are playing off your entry you concentrate on hitting the spin button a quickly as you can do to then play off as many spins as humanly possible and make sure you are not going to be distracted by other things when you play off your entry too.

The slot tournaments that have the lowest number of entrants are also some of the best ones for you to take part in for with fewer players you get an increased chance of being a winning player!


What Are Comp Point Slot Tournaments?

There are some rather unusual slot tournaments you will come across usually when you are playing at an instant play casino set that doesn’t offer the more standard slot tournaments.

What those types of slot tournaments are known as are comp points based slot tournaments and the way in which you take your entry is not like the way you take your entry is a standard slot tournament!

When you enter a comp points slot tournament you have to play with your own money and not pay an entry fee and what you need to do to win a cash or bonus prize is to amass more comp points based on your real money gaming action playing one or more slot games over a certain period of time.

The main problem with those types of slot tournaments however is that as you are playing with your own money you could lose quite a bit of cash, and it is always the case that high rolling slot players will win those tournaments due to them playing or high staking and naturally earning more comp points than that of a low rolling slot player.



Please do spend a little bit of time looking through and reading each of our individual online casino site reviews, as by doing so you will then discover just which casinos will be offering you a range of different slot tournaments.

Whilst most casino sites will at one time or another offer their players slot tournaments there are some casinos that have lots of them scheduled throughout the day every single day of the week.

Also be aware of the many different types of slot tournaments that you will find being offered to you at various different casino sites for not all of them are going to be structured in the exact same way and not all of them will be offering the same level of prize money either.

If you do enjoy playing slots but want to start playing them in a very cost effective way then the sooner you do start entering and taking part in lots of different slot tournaments the better, and remember that every single one of them you do decide to enter will give you another chance of winning one of the prizes on offer on them too!

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