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How Should I Play Single Reel Re-Spin Slots?

There are so many base game playing structures attached to the hundreds of different slot games you will find on offer when logged into any online casino site, you will certainly have plenty of fun and excitement when you set about playing a fair number of different slots.

However, some slot games that you will find available at Microgaming powered casino sites will be offering you something known as a single re-spin option.

When you do come across such slots you have the option of playing them in the normal way, that being you can choose the stake you wish to play them for, and often just how many pay lines you want to have in play and then by clicking onto the spin button those reels will then spin and stop as normal.

However, you will also find a number of slots which let you spin just one reel instead of all five of them, and those slots will charge you a different stake amount when you choose to spin just one reel as opposed to all give of them!


High or Low Risk Spins

The stake amount you will be required to have to wager to spin just one single reel on slots that do offer such a playing structure is going to vary.

The stake required to spin one reel will be determined by which reel you choose to re-spin and also the reel symbols that are in view on the reels that will remain locked into position when you spin that one single reel.

If there is going to be very little chance of you forming a high valued winning combination when you take that feature then the cost of spinning one reel will be very low.

However, if there are some very high valued reel symbols on the reels that are not spun then you will often find the cost of spinning one reel can be huge, and the reason for that is that you could then spin in the one remaining reel symbol that will then award you with a huge winning payout.

The decision in regards to you spinning one reel as opposed to all five of them is always going to be your decision to make, but if you do have a high enough bankroll and are prepared to take the risks of spinning just one reel then those slot games will be suited to you and your playing style!


Bonus games and Bonus Features

One way of playing such slots is to try and trigger the bonus games attached to them, as it can often be the bonus games that are going to give you the very real chance of winning being when playing any bonus game awarding slot game online.

As such what many players will do is to play these types of single re-spin slots normally at first, that being by simply spinning all five reels as opposed to just one of them, and will then wait until they have spun in one bonus game awarding scatter or bonus symbol.

They will then choose to spin just one reel that does not have a scatter or bonus symbol on it until they do spin in one of those bonus game awarding symbols.

They will then start spinning another reel that doesn’t have a scatter or bonus symbols on it until such a time they do spin in it and that will then see them triggering the bonus game!

That can be a high risk strategy, but with some luck in playing they could trigger the bonus game quickly and as they may be playing for a slightly higher stake level the rewards may just be there for the taking when the bonus game has been awarded to them!



You do need to be fully aware of the risks of playing any slot game on which you are going to be able to re-spin just one single reel as opposed to all five of them!

For as soon as the cost of spinning that one reel begins to get much higher in value, you may become obsessed with using that feature it in the hope of then spinning in the required symbol or symbols to from a high paying winning combination.

As there is no increase in the long term expected payout percentage when you do re-spin one single reel as opposed to all five of them then maybe you should forget about making use of that feature.

You will still just have as much chance of winning when you spin all five reels as opposed to just one of them and you are at the very least going to know just how much each spin will cost you when playing all five reels as opposed to one!

Perhaps you should consider playing those slot games that do offer a single re-spin for free initially as that way you can get used to the way they play and pay and see firsthand whether the single re-spin feature is something you will enjoy using or not as the case may be!

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