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How to Tailor Your Own Unique Slot Playing Session

cash-o-ccino-slotIt is always going to be worth taking a look at the optional player adjustable settings that are on offer via the gaming platform at any casino site you are a player at, for when you do you will often find there are lots of way that you are able to configure that gaming platform that will allow you to play the slot games on offer in a way you find very appealing.

It will of course be dependent on just which online casino site you have chosen to sign up at and have become a player of in regards to just how many different option settings you can make use of and adjust, and in this slot playing guide we are going to take a look at some of the more unique option settings that are readily available at our approved online casinos using a range of different gaming platforms.


Slot Game Speed Settings and Auto Play

If you opt to play at online casinos that are utilizing the very powerful Real Time Gaming Software platforms then you are going to find that it is possible to make use of something known as an auto play setting, by making use of the option setting you can send the slots you are playing into motion automatically.

Many players tend to make use of the slot game auto play when they are playing Real Series Slots for they will put into play a huge number of slot spins on low stake amounts in the hope they end up being awarded on of the Random Jackpots those slot games have attached to them!

If you are playing at an online casino that uses Playtech Software then you will find there is an option for playing slots which turns off all of the animations and as such when you make use of the Fast Spin option as it is known you are going to find that you can play a huge number of spins in a very short period of time.

However, it should be noted the Fast Spin option does not allow you to have the entertainment value most slot games offer and it will not be suitable for all players, but if you only have a small amount of time to play slots in any one session then by turning on and utilizing that Fast Spin option you will have the maximum spins played off during that shorter than average slot playing session!


Tabbed Browser Options Settings

You will find when using an online casino that has Microgaming Software and you are accessing that site via the downloadable gaming platform you will have access to something known as the Tabbed Browser. This is quite a unique feature that we have found is going to be ideal for players who like playing lots of different slot games but all at the same time.

When you log into one of those Microgaming downloadable casinos sites, and we have several of their top rated sites fully reviewed on this website, then you can choose to open up several different tabs much like you do when using a web browser.

In each tab you can have one slot game open and you will also have the advantage of being able to position those slot game windows anywhere on your computer screen. This means that if you wish to pit your wits against several different slot games then you are able to do just that very easily.

Instead of you having to click on the spin buttons to set each of those slot games spinning individually you will also be able to combine the tabbed browser option feature with Microgaming’s Auto Play option and thus you can then set each of the slots to play themselves automatically, which will of course allow you to sit back and watch them all playing off in a very laid back fashion!

However, always do keep an eye on each slot games window as they are playing off for if you hit a big winning payout on any of them then you may wish to stop playing all of the open slot games and cash out some of those winnings so you do not run the risk of losing those winning back, which you will run the risk of doing if you have set the games to play themselves automatically!



As you are always easily able to sign up and start using a free demo mode version of the gaming platforms offered by the casinos you have become a registered play at, then as a first time or novice online slot player you are best to make full use of the free play options before you set forth and playing any online slot games for real money.

By logging in a as a guest player then not only are you going to be able to play any slots that you haven’t played before to see if they are as appealing as they look, you can also play around with each of the different option settings.

Once you have found a way of tailoring your own unique playing sessions at any casino site as a guest player then you will be able to put those settings into play on your initial real money slot playing sessions, and that is when you are going to find you can make full use of a range of large and instantly credited bonus offers which will ensue you get the maximum playing pleasure and much longer sessions with those bonus fund than you will when you are only playing with your own deposited funds!

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