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Playing Online Slots Optimally

We really do encourage you to take a good look through our ever growing range of guides that are dedicated to not only showing you just what slot machines and slot game you can play online and on a mobile device, but also the correct way to play them to get the maximum fun, entertainment and of course winning opportunities.

This guide is going to be taking a general overview and passing onto you some tips for playing all manner of different slot machines in the very best way possible. One thing to be aware of when playing at any casino site and when playing progressive slot machines in particular is that there if often a requirement to put into play a certain playing format to have the jackpot element of the game in play.

So if those are the types of slot machines you do play regularly then we would encourage you to always first check the rules, help files and the pay table of each progressive slot, to see if you required to have to play maximum pay lines, a certain coin level and a certain stake per spin to have any chance of winning the jackpot, and if so make sure you do always play progressive slot machines that way!


Stakes and RTP’s

Another thing you may not be aware of yet, but something that is very important, is that every slot machine will have been designed to return to players a certain payout percentage over the long term.

The payout percentages on most slot machines can vary quite dramatically from slot game to slot game, and the most savvy player is always going to make a beeline to play the slot games that have been designed to return to all players more of their stakes as winning payouts over the long term.

That information can often be found on the individual casino websites or on the pay tables or help files of each slot machine, and as such when you are in the frame of mind to get stuck into playing slot machines at an online or mobile casino site then always make sure you look up the RTP information of each slot.

Once you know which slots have been designed with higher payout percentages then by playing only those slot games you are going to get some much longer slot playing sessions and more importantly more winning spins spinning in over your long term play on those better paying slot machines!


Bonus and Comps

Another way that you will soon discover can often massively increase the amount of play time you get when playing online and mobile slot games is by claiming some of the quite numerous different casino bonuses that are given away to players at several different casino sites.

It may be the case that the very best valued bonuses and the ones that will give you access to the highest number of bonus credits are new player sign up bonuses, such as deposit match bonuses, so always be on the lookout for those types of promotional offer when you are thinking of signing up to some new casino sites.

However most casino sites will value you as a player and as such they will tend to make available to you lots of ongoing bonuses, however you will need to ensure those bonuses come with a very fair and reasonable set of terms and conditions, and the only way to find out if they do is by reading through the terms and conditions of each bonus you are offered!



When you do intend to play slot machines in any playing environment, always make sure you have a slot playing budget and bankroll in mind for that session, and once you have spent up stop playing, for you could quite easily carry on playing when you have spent up and that could put at risk money you have set aside to do other things with!

Always have a winning goal in mind and try not to select a too high winning goal for the higher you aim and plan to win the lesser chance you will have of reaching that goal. If you do set yourself a winning goal and you are lucky enough to reach a point in any playing session when you reach that goal then stop playing and lock in that profit.

It may also be beneficial for you to sign up to take part in some of the many slot game tournaments that you can access online, for those slot playing tournaments can often be free or cost you just a small entry fee but may have a huge prize pool up for grabs, so you could win big even when paying thing or very little to enter those slot tournaments!

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