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Pros and Cons of using Auto Play

reel-strike-slotBy playing at any of our featured casino sites you are going to find that no matter what type of games you choose to play, you will always find both a range of option settings which will allow you to play those games in a way you find preferable, and will also be able to configure the games to play in a way you find convenient.

One of the plethora of different casino game configurable option settings you will find attached to a lot of games is something known as an auto play option, and when you choose to play slot games for example by you opting to utilize the auto play option setting you are going to be able to set the slots to play themselves.

Whilst you may be the time of player who loves nothing more than clicking on the spin button to send every spin into live play manually, there may come a time when you would prefer to have a slot game play itself automatically without you have to have any input in sending the reels spinning.

If that is the case then please read on for in this particular slot playing guide we shall let you know how the auto play option works on a range of different online slot games and we will also let you know if there are any benefits of using the auto play option.

Please do be aware that now all online casinos will give you the option of using the auto play option, however all of the major software providers whose gaming platforms power many of our featured and top rated online casino sites will have an auto play option available on all of their slot games, so finding a casino site that has auto play options available will not be too difficult a task!


Slot Game Auto Play Option Settings

The first thing that you will need to set when you are going to utilize the auto play setting on slot games will be the actual stake levels at which you wish to play the slot game for. It is important that you select the exact number of paylines the coin values and the number of coins you wish to put into play before setting the auto play setting to start play the slot for you!

If you do not configure those settings manually then you will find in most cases the maximum stake per spin will be sent into live play when you use the auto play which could see you then playing each spin for some very large stake amounts!

Once you have chosen the stake and payline options then you will need to choose just how many spins you wish to put into play, you can choose up to 1000 spins on most auto play settings however some licensing jurisdictions may impose limits in regards to the maximum number of spins you can play off by the auto play settings at casinos licensed by them.

So for example should you be a UK based player then you will find that you will not be able to play more than 25 spins via the auto play setting. However, the maximum number for players in different countries will be much higher in value as mentioned.

You will also be given a range of additional option in regards to the way that the auto play setting will play off your spins for you, for example you may want it to cut off and deactivate if you win a jackpot or if your casino account balance increases or decreases in value by a certain amount.

Also you will in most cases be able to configure the auto play option to turn itself off automatically whenever a bonus game feature round has been triggered and awarded to you, that will be handy if you love nothing more than playing off those bonus games manually.



You should always be aware that there are several online casino sites that are not going to allow their players to make use of the auto play feature attached to any of their slot games when those players have claimed at type of bonus offer.

So before you do claim any bonuses should you be intending on using the auto play setting as the way that you will then go on to play off those bonus credits make sure that the terms and conditions of those bonuses will permit you to do so.

If you ever fall foul to any rules attached to any bonuses you have claimed then you run a risk that any winnings you then go on to achieve will be voided, so always play by the rules and make sure you can indeed use the auto play settings before you do so if you have any type of bonus credits in your casino account!

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