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What are Cash Back Slot Bonuses?

Posted by Adrian B on Thursday, May 4, 2017

When it comes to casino bonuses that you can use on a range of different casino games one thing you will very quickly have to learn to sniff out are the bonuses that offer by far and away the very best value.

If you look at any casino website you will find that by simply signing up and becoming a new player you can claim and instantly qualify for all manner of different bonuses. Some of them are free slot spins on which you get to keep or are awarded the winnings from those free spins as cash or bonus credits.

You will also come across some high valued deposit match bonuses, and when claiming them a percentage of your deposit, which for reference could be higher than 100% will be added to you account when you make a deposit, either the very first time you make a deposit or as a regular player at a casino site.

There is however some slot machine related bonuses known as Cash Back bonuses and these will require you to play with your own money, and if you lose you get a certain percentage of those losses paid back to you.


What Games Can I Use Cash Back Bonuses On?

If you are thinking of making use of a Cash Back casino bonus then the very first thing we would encourage you to do is to take a close look at the terms and conditions attached and associated with such a bonus.

The reason for us saying that is that like most other bonuses, all casino sites will make available to their players, there may be some rules in the terms and conditions that will stipulate that you may not be able to play certain games to qualify for your cash back.

As such do read through the terms and conditions to find out if the slot machines and slot game you do actually want to play initially with your own money will see your then going on to qualify for those cash back credits.

Also, be aware that you are only going to get your cash back credits if you have made a loss with your own deposited funds, if you win anything and cash those winnings out or leave them in our casino account you will not be rewarded or credits with those credits.


Best Strategy for Claiming and Using Cash Back Bonuses

As you will often be required to opt into a cash back promotion then make sure if you are required to do so that you do so! If there is no maximum stake limit in place in regards to playing with your own credits to qualify for cash back then one of the best slot playing strategies to adopt is to play the slot machines you want to play with your own funds for higher than your normal stake amount.

By doing so if you do strike gold and win big then you will be able to cash out those winnings with no problem but by doing so you will not be awarded with your cash back, however if you lose those credits then the cash back bonus will act as something of cushion for those credits!

Keep in mind though that the percentage of the losses you will get back as cash back can vary, so ideally be on the lookout for such bonuses that offer as near to 100% of your losses back as cash back.

Also look out for the Cash Back bonuses that off your losses back as cash credits with no play though requirements instead of bonus credits which may come with a set of play through requirements.



You are often going to find that there may be times when you will be best off not claiming any bonuses what so ever, as by doing so you will be able to play the exact types and categories of slot machines you want to play with no restrictions in place what so ever.

However, the best aspect of a cash back bonus is that you will often only be required to adhere to a small set of rules or even no rules what so ever when you are playing with your initial real money deposited funds and/or your cash back credits.

Just make sure that you are fully are of every single rules and all of the bonus terms and conditions associated with using a Cash Back bonus or for that matter any type of casino bonus that you are interested in claiming, and if you do not like any aspect of the bonus play rules or those terms and conditions then you will be best off not claiming those bonuses.

So always thing long and hard about the pros and cons of claiming any casino and slot machine bonus you have come across!

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