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What are the Fastest Playing Slot Games Online?

One thing is always guaranteed when you play slot machines in any playing environment, and that is you are going to be able to play off a huge number of spins in a very short space of time!

In fact, many slot machine designers now have added a fast or speed play option setting on most of their slot games, and as such by turning on and activating that option setting, the slots are going to play even quicker than they normally do.

However, as a slot player you may just be wondering which the fastest playing slot games are, and without a shadow of a slot those are going to be the older styled classic slots on which there are no bonus games and bonus features.

The way in which those types of low tech slot games play off much quicker is that you simply spin the three reels and find out whether you have won or lost once they all come to a complete stop and with no bonus games or bonus features to slot the way the slots play off, you will find you can play many more spins when playing them when compared to all other slot games!


Making Use of the Auto Play Setting

You will also find an auto play option setting attached to most online and mobile slots, and as such if you ever do get bored or tired or repeatedly clicking or tapping onto the spin button when playing slots then you can simply make use of that optional setting and the slots will then play themselves!

It is worth noting that there is no real difference in regards to the way that any slot machines will play or pay when you use the auto play setting, for each spin is completely random, so you can win or lose when using that setting.

You do however get a lot of choice in regards to how each auto spin will play off, so you can pick the stake you play for and also the number of pay lines and coins you have in play when utilizing any slot games auto lay feature, and you can of course turn it off at any time, even if you have several spins left to play off on the auto play setting.


Playing More Than One Slot at a Time

There are also ways that you can play off even more spins in a very short space of time if you are so inclined, and one way that you can do so is by making us of a casino site that allows you to open up a range of different slots and play them all at the same time.

You will find both downloadable and instant play slot machines often come with such a feature, and if you do want the thrill of playing multiple slots all together at the same time then consider using such a feature!

One of the best ways however of playing in that way is by you opening up several slots and then using the auto play feature to play off each spin for you!

By doing so you will then not have to scroll around each slot games window and manually click or tap onto their start buttons to send them all into live play, but be warned you may soon bust your bankroll if you do open up and play multiple slots and set the stake levels way too high and experience a poor run of luck!



As a slot player you are always going to be best advised to do everything in your power to enable your bankroll to last as long as you want it to last, and there be of course several different ways you can do just that.

It is always going to be the stake levels you choose to have in play on any and all slot games you do end up playing that will determine just how long you can play any slot games for.

One good strategy to adopt is to split up your bankroll so that you are guaranteed of getting at the very least 150 spins on any slot you do wish to play, as by playing off that many spins per session you do have a much greater chance of triggering a bonus game which may end up being a high paying one.

You could also make use of new players and ongoing promotional offers that all of our featured casinos give away to players, so keep your eyes peeled for those bonuses that can be used on a range of different slots and be prepared to claim them and make use of them!

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