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What are Wild Reels Bonus Games?

Bonus games are what you will be hoping you trigger when playing slots for example that are designed as video slots, for you will have a good chance of winning some sizeable amounts when they have been triggered and you have played off those bonus games.

However, some bonus games do offer much greater win potential that others and one type of game you will come across is a Wild Reels bonus game which is a randomly awarded feature and as such you never need to have to spin in bonus or scatter symbols to trigger the feature.

If you have never come across such a bonus game before then you will of course need to know what will happen once it has been awarded to you, and what will happen is that one to five of the reels will be turned completely wild and the remaining reels will then spin in the normal way.

What you will be hoping happens is that all of the five reels do turn wild for that way you will be guaranteed of forming as many winning combinations as the slot game you are playing has pay lines, which could be a huge number of them!


243 Ways to Win Slots Have Wild Reel Bonus Games

It is usually the 243 ways to win slots that tend to have Wild Reel bonus games attached to them and as such you should be looking for slots such as the Thunderstruck II, the Finer Reels of Life slot and also the Immortal Romance slot games too.

Being 243 ways to win slots when playing them you have of course got 243 ways of possibly forming a winning combination on each spin you play off, and the stake level aspect of the slot is such you will only have to pay a small increment of coins to have all those ways to win in place, which could be as low as just 25 or 30 coins minimum.

However, as soon as the Wild Reels bonus game has been awarded to you if all five reels do end up turning wild then that means you have just won 243 jackpot payouts! However, even if all five reels do not turn wild the more of them that do the better as with so many pay lines there is a good chance you will form plenty of winning combinations!


How Often Do Wild Reels Bonus games Trigger

The only aspect of bonus games that are complete randomly awarded to players is that there is no way of knowing when on average you should trigger them, for unlike bonus games which have for example scatter or bonus symbols that trigger a bonus game you cannot dissect the reels and work out the average number of spins required to trigger the feature.

That is, unless you actually play off a huge number of spins and then look at the average number of spins you play off before such a bonus game is triggered, if that sample size of spins is big enough you can then make an educated guess on when such a bonus game should be triggered.

We have done just that and it would appear that on average base on our sample these types of Wild Reels bonus games take on average 300 spins o trigger on the Fine Reels of Life slot, 350 base game spins on the Thunderstruck II slot to trigger, and on the immortal On the Immortal Romance slot you will on average need to play off 400 spins in between the Wild Reels Bonus games triggering.



The only problems some slot players may have when they start to play a bonus game awarding video slot on which that bonus game is a Wild Reels feature is that they may not trigger it for one or even several slot playing sessions, and as such you should prepare yourself for the fact you may not trigger such a bonus game for a very long time.

One thing you must never do as a player is become obsessed with trying to trigger such a bonus game, for if you do the amount of cash you could spend trying to trigger that feature could be a huge amount and you may still not actually trigger it.

Also, as you never know just how many of the reels are going to be tuned into completely Wild Reels once the bonus game is actually awarded to you, then you could have spent a lot of money trying to trigger it and when it does trigger you may win nothing or a very tiny amount of cash from that feature, so do not become obsessed at trying to trigger it and never spend more than you are happy to send playing such slots or any slot games!

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