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What is a Satellite Slot Tournament?

dolphin-tale-slotMany slot players often enjoy entering one of the many different types of slot game tournaments that various casino sites run every now and then. In fact, some casinos sites have a large daily schedule of slot tournaments on offer to their players.

One thing to keep in mind however is that there are going to be both free to enter slot tournaments and also a range of slot tournaments that require you to pay some form of entry fee to take part in them.

However, the best paying online slot tournaments that have the biggest and best range of cash prizes on offer do tend to cost a lot of money to enter, and many players are put off taking part in those slot tournaments as the entry fees are often set way to high for low rolling players to be able to have a try on them.

But if you have often found yourself being priced out of taking part in any slot tournament then you may be interested in entering something known as a Satellite Slot Tournament. These are free to enter slot tournaments or ones that are very low cost and the prize son offer on them are not cash prizes but a free entry into one of the much higher paying paid to enter slot tournaments.


How Do Satellite Tournaments Work?

The way in which a Satellite slot tournament will be designed is fairly straight forward, when you play at some casino sites though do be aware that if you have never entered a slot tournament before you will be required to register a username of your own to take part in the slot tournament son offer.

As that can take a couple of minutes to do, make sure you register your username in good time as you will not want to miss out on a soon to start slot tournament whilst you are registering your username!

As soon as you have a username all sorted out then all that you will need to do is to register to enter any listed Satellite slot tournament and then be online at the starting time. You will then be allocated a slot to play when the tournament starts and a set number of playing credits will also be awarded to you.

You then have to play that slot game as quickly as you can before the timer runs out, and your winnings on that slot game are converted in to points, and if you core the most points when compared to all other players’ scores you will then win an entry into the bigger paying slot tournament.


What is the Best Way to Play off My Entry?

If you do decide to take part in a Satellite slot game tournament hen you may b wondering just what is the very best way to play off your entry, in the hope the way you play it off will give you something of an increased chance of winning.

With at in mind there are a couple of tips that we can pass onto you in regards to playing off much a slot tournament entry. The first is for you to play off as many spins as is possible, so always ensure that there are going to be no distractions as you are playing off your entry.

So turn off an instant messaging or other message applications you have on your computer and also closed on any windows you have open that you are not using, ad never download anything when you are playing off an entry as that may slow down the slot you are playing if you do not have much bandwidth available!

Also the quieter a slot tournament is meaning fewer players taking part in it, the more chance you will have of being place dint at tournament, so pick a tournament that is undersubscribed for an increased chance of winning too!


Where to Play in Satellite Slot Tournaments Online

It will be at casino site that use the Microgaming software platforms that you are going to have the best range of Satellite slot tournament son offer, however be aware that at most of those site you will have access to a mobile, instant play and fully downloadable gaming platform.

It will be at Microgaming downloadable casino sites that the slot tournament will be on offer o you at, so make sure it is via that type of gaming platform you use to have access to those slot tournaments.

Once you have logged into such a casino site you will simply need to click on the multi-player slot tab in the games menus and then the entire list of scheduled slot tournaments will then be made available to you, so scroll through the list to find the slot tournaments you are most interested in taking part in!

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