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What Is Unique About Low Tech Slot Games?

With thousands of different types of slot games that you can now play online, you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing that when you do sign up to most casino sites, you are going to be guaranteed of finding the exact type of slot games you enjoy playing the most.

However, you may often come across terms and phrases used to describe some categories of slot games that you are unfamiliar with and have no idea what they mean!

If you hear the term low tech slot, then that is a simply a slot machine that has been designed in such a way that it will offer no bonuses games and no bonus features and as such is a very basic playing and paying slot game.

On the other hand if you come across the term high tech slots, then those are the exact opposite of low tech slots, and as such they will come packed with bonus games, lots of bonus feature and will often have plenty of unique reel symbols too that can perform several different tasks.

As a slot player you will therefore be best advised to play a range of different slots if you are new to playing online, for that way you can then discover just which ones you find most appealing.


Low Tech 3 Reel Slots

The name often given to low tech three reel slots are Classic Slot machines. When you do see such slot games on offer to you in any playing environment they will all have a very similar type of playing format.

Those Classic Slots offer just one pay line and as such you are never going to be forced to have to put into play a huge number of pay lines, but one aspect to playing them that may appeal to you is that not only are the coin values adjustable but the number of coins you can wager on that one pay line can be increased to more than one coin.

What is worth noting when you play a low tech 3 reel classic slot is whether there is a bigger and enhanced jackpot payout on offer via the jackpot paying winning combination, or if that payout is boosted when playing maximum coins then you will always be best advised to play that slot for maximum coin spins.

Also keep in mind that 3 reel low tech slots could also deliver a low, medium or high variance type of playing experience, so make sure you select a slot that offers you the type of variance you are looking for!


Basic Video Slots

It is not only three reel slot games that can be designed as low tech slots, for you are always going to com across a small number of slot games that have been designed as video slots that will also deliver a very basic type of playing structure and format.

Whilst there may be no bonus games or bonus features attached to such low tech video slots, you could find that there is a slightly different type of playing structure on offer on them.

One playing structure is known as a both ways playlist structure, and when playing such a slot you can form a winning combination from left to right in the normal way but also form a winning combination from right to left on any activated pay lines you have in play too.

In fact, some low tech slots will have an adjacent pay playing format, and as such as long as you get a matching set of reel symbols side by side anywhere on any pay line you have put into play, not necessarily from left to right or right to left then you will be awarded with a winning payout.



One thing that will always determine just whether you have a long type of slot playing session or a very short one is the actual stakes that you put into play when playing low tech slot games.

Keep in mind that due to such slots offering a very fast type of playing experience, you will often find that you can and will play off a much higher number of spins when playing them than you would when playing for example a bonus game awarding video slot.

Therefore it is important that you make a point of picking out a stakes that you pay each spin off for carefully and always equate it to the bankroll you have available.

If you end up playing for too high a stake amount then you will often find your bankroll isn’t going to be able to sustain those high stake spins for very long, if you do not spin in many winning combinations, so always pick a fairly low and reasonable stake when playing any low tech slots.

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