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What Should My RTP Be On a Single Slot Playing Session?

One piece of advice that I always give slot players, is to actively make a point of finding out what the RTP’s (return to player payout percentages) are on all of the slot games they are playing or are thinking about playing at each casino site they come across.

The payout percentage on all slot games can and often does vary, and that information once you discover it is going to allow you to play only those slots that have been designed to give players back a higher amount of their stake money as winning payouts over the long term.

It may actually surprise you to discover that some slot machines available to online players can have payout percentages of over 99%, but the vast majority of them will have a payout percentage around the 94% to 96% range.

But being completely random games of chance, the payout percentage you can and will achieve on just one single session you play on any slot game can vary wildly, and as such you need to take the rough with the smooth if you are a slot player, for on any one session you play you could achieve any payout percentage!


Simple Way to Work out Your Achieved RTP

You only need to have a calculator and a set of figures you have obtained when playing any slot games online to be able to accurately work out just what payout percentage you have achieved on any one slot playing session you have had.

If that is something you a interested in doing then as you play any one slot game keep track of all of the winnings that slot has paid out to you during any one single session playing it and also make a note of all of the stakes you have played through that slot game too.

Then once your session comes to an end simply divide the winnings by the stakes and when you do so if the number you arrive at begins with a zero simply remove the zero and the decimal point and the two first digital left will be the payout percentage of that session.

If you have a winning session however there answer you arrive at will not begin with a zero but could begin with a one, two or three or in fact any number, if that is the case simply remove the decimal point after the first number and that along with the two other numbers in your answer is the payout percentage of that particular session.


Staying In Control When Playing Slot Games Online

You need to keep a cool and level head so to speak when playing slot games online for due to the ease of access of those games you can often find yourself getting carried away when playing them.

You could experience a long winning streaks and what can often happen is that when a player does start winning they will increase the stakes they are playing for, but if they are not careful by doing so they could then very quickly lose back all of the winnings they had achieved.

Players must get into the habit of knowing when the right time to stop playing a slot game is and also get into the habit of knowing when to cash out their winnings too, for if they don’t they can and often will simply continue playing until they have lost anything they have won and their bankroll too.

With that in mind and to help you become a much savvier slot player set yourself some goals and limits when playing, and as such as you reach your own personal win or loss limits stop playing!



I cannot stress the importance of picking out slot games that offer high payout percentages, for you will always get a much more enjoyable slot playing experience when you do select those slots which offer and have been designed with a much higher payout percentage.

If you do play slots which offer payout percentages in excess of 96% then you will naturally spin in more winning payouts over your long term play, and if there are any bonus games and bonus features attached to such a slot then you will find you will often trigger them much more frequently than you ever would when playing a slot with a much lower payout percentage.

One type of slot game you can play online are fruit machines, and it is worth noting that fruit machines in land based venues can often have payout percentages in the low 70 percent range!

However, those available online come with payout percentages in the mid to high 90 percent ranges, so there is plenty of value to be had by playing such slots online as opposed to in a land based gaming venue!

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