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Why Do Some Slots Have Fixed Pay Lines?

You are going to come across lots of slot games online that have been designed with something known as a fixed pay line playing structure.

Those types of slot games do not give players any control over the amount of pay lines they can send into play, for you are obliged to have every single pay line attached to such a slot in play and activated before you can send the reels spinning.

You may be wondering why slot designers design slots in that way, well, there are a few advantages for both casino operators and players alike, and in this slot playing article I will explain what those advantages are.

Obviously for a casino operator when they offer such slots they will know that players are playing them for a certain minimum stake amount, and as such a lot of the free spins slot game promotional offers you come across use such slots, as they are attractive to players, and players know they are getting the maximum number of lines in play on such promotional deals.

Also, fixed pay line slots do often make more money for a casino site, as players are forced to have to play them for t least a certain minimum stake amount!


Benefits of Fixed Pay Line Slots for Players

When you do come across a fixed pay line slot and give it some play time, you are going to have the peace of mind in knowing that you will never miss out on a winning combination spinning in.

You have probably played an optional pay line slot at one time or another and didn’t activate all of its pay lines, and will have spun in a high valued winning combination on a pay line that you didn’t activate.

That is something you are never going to experience when playing a fixed pay line slot game, as every single pay line will be in play on those slots.

You can often also find fixed pay line slots will have unique wild symbols that can and often do increase your chance of winning big when they spin in, expanding wild symbols will expand and cover the reels they spun in on and when you are playing a fixed pay line slot you really could win big when those symbols spin in, as you have all of the pay lines in live play!


Other Types of Fixed Pay Line Slots

The most commonly available fixed pay line slot games will have a fairly small amount of pay lines that are always in play, as such you could come across 20, 25 or even 30 pay lines on such slot games, and as such the minimum stake you can play those slot games for will be 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 respective, when you set the coin values to 0.01.

However, there are a range of fixed pay line slot games that are known collectively as All Pays or All Ways slots, and when playing those types of slots you have every possible way of forming a winning combination on play on each spin you play off.

So for example, if you come across one of those slots and it has five reels, and there are three visible reel symbols in view on each of those five reels then you are going to have 243 ways of forming a winning combination when playing them.

The only slight downside of playing those types of fixed pay line slot games is that you will often find the minimum stake you can play them for is quite high, however that may be a price worth paying!



It is of course always going to be up to you just which slot games you play when logged into any online or mobile casino site.

What I would suggest you do though if you ever do fancy playing any slot games on which there is a fixed pay line playing structure on offer is find the ones that are best suited to your bankroll.

The best type of gaming session you are going to have when playing slot machines are the ones on which you get plenty of base game spins from your bankroll, but also get a better chance of triggering any bonus games attached to such slots.

Therefore, as most bonus games are designed to trigger their bonus games when a player has played off on average 150 base game spins, then divide up your bankroll by 150 and then set about finding a fixed pay line slot that has a stake requirement that you can play for that unit stake.

By playing off that many base game spins you do then get a much better chance of triggering their bonus games, and playing off 150 spins should give you plenty of play time from your bankroll too, even if you do not spin in many winning combinations!

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