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Why do Some Slots have Fixed Pay Lines?

the-agyle-open-slotThere are always going to be plenty of new slot games boasting never seen before playing structures, and as a player you do need to know how each slot game plays and pays to ensure you can pick out the ones you like playing the most!

One new type of slot you are likely to come across at all online and mobile casino sites are slots which have something known as a fixed payline playing structure. When you play those types of slots you are forced to have to play every single payline the slot has on offer, and by doing so you have every single way of forming a winning combination in live play.

You may be wondering why such slots have an obligatory number of fixed pay lines, well the answer to that is that there will be some form of additional bonus game or bonus feature that is built around that playing format, and one that give you the chance of winning big when that feature or bonus game is triggered and awarded to you.

There is no standard number of lines that a fixed payline slot will have on offer, so you could come across a number of slot boasting a small or large number of pay lines. Two things that you may be able to adjust on such a slot however are the coin values and often the number of coins per line you can wager too.


What Bonus Games are found on Fixed Payline Slots?

The bonus games that are found on Fixed Payline slots do always tend to take advantage of the fact that you are playing every single payline on offer on those types of slot machines.

You will therefore often find that such a slot is going to award you a free spins type of bonus game, for when triggered on each of the free spins you then play of you will have a fair and very reasonable chance of spinning in one or more winning combinations on all of the pay lines you have been forced to have in play per spin.

Some Fixed Payline slot games offer a random wild reels feature, that bonus game will at random trigger and when it does one or more of the reels will turn into wild reels, so some huge cash payouts can be won on those slots when that bonus game is awarded to you!


Can I Win Progressive Jackpots on Fixed Line Slot Games?

Sadly there are not as many slot games offering a fixed payline playing structure and format that also offer a progressive jackpot, however by hunting around you will find a small collection of them available at some online casino sites.

One thing to keep in mind however when you do find such a slot game is that the vast majority of them not only force you to have to play every single payline attached to the slot, but you may also find that you have no control over the coin values you can put into play either.

As such you need to ensure that the fixed payline progressive slot games you do find on offer at any online casino site is going to be an affordable one for you to play, for often due to the fixed line and fixed coin playing structures on those types of slot games they may be very expensive slots to play!

However, do have a look round our website as we have plenty of additional guides on every type of slot game you can play online, so there will be plenty progressive games that you will be able to afford to play when you take a look around!


Which Casinos Have Fixed Pay Line Slots?

We have chosen to list a range of different online casino sites throughout our website, and we have actually tested out full each of those casino sites to allow us to be able to present to you a range of sites that will be offering you a very good spread of different slot games.

Therefore, we would encourage you to have a good look around our website and take a look at each casino site we have chosen to review, for you will often find some exclusive sign up bonuses on offer to you at each of those casino sites, which will give you plenty of additional slot playing credits when you make use of those bonus offers.

Also keep in mind that Microgaming, Playtech and also some of the instant play NetEnt software powered casino sets do give their players the options of playing a large range of Fixed Payline slot games and you will also be more than welcome to test out each of those slots and play them for free if you want to see how they play and pay.

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