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Do 3 Reel or Video Slots Have the Best Paybacks?

One question that many slot players may just be seeking the answer to is whether it is the many different 3 reel slots or the video slots that are going to be offering them the best paybacks, in regards to the payout percentages such games have been set to return to players.

The paybacks which are also known as the RTP or the payout percentage of each slot machine you will come across can vary, and as such for you to get more winning spins and more winning payouts what you will ideally be looking for are the slots offering above average payout percentages.

It is however worth me pointing out that the average payout percentage these days of most online slot games are in the 94 to 96 percent regions, and to be perfectly honest you are going to find lots of both 3 reel slots and video slots that will offer such payout percentages.

But if you do look hard enough you will find many slots of both categories that offer payout percentages over 96%, and it is worth tracking down and only ever playing those slot games!


Locating Slot Game RTP Information

You will of course need to know where to look to find that all important payout percentage information on any slot games you may be thinking of playing, and that can often be a time consuming task, but one worth enduring!

Licensed and regulated casino sites such as those that hold a UK Gambling Commission gaming license are legally required to display all of the payout percentages each slot machine has been designed to payout over the long term on their websites.

As such, if you are lucky enough to be playing at such a casino site a quick scan of the casinos website will see you finding all of the payout percentages of each slot, which makes choosing a slot to play much easier.

If you are playing at a casino site licensed elsewhere then have a look at the pay tables of the slot game you fancy playing as sometimes the RTP information can be found there, or failing that look at the attached help files as often you can find the RTP information there too!


Understanding Payout Percentages

You may not be that methodically minded and may not have a clue what the payout percentages each slot machines has designed to return to players over the long term actually does!

Basically, if you are playing any slot machines on which the payout percentage has been set at let’s say 96%, then over the long term for each 100.00 you play through on that machines you will receive winning payouts worth 96.00.

However, and this is important, those figures are based on the long term and as such you could play a slot machine and play through 100.00 and only receive 5.00 in winning payouts, but conversely you could play through 100.00 and win 1000.00!

As long as you always keep in mind that slot machines are completely random and are prepared to take the risks associated with playing them, then you can have plenty of fun when doing so, and you will of course experience both winning and losing session.

The art of becoming a good slot player however is always knowing when to stop playing, which is either when you have reached you stop loss limit or when you have secure a high valued winning payout or several of them!



Slot machines can be and are fun to play, buy always do try and pick out the slot games to play that not only have higher than average payout percentages, but also the ones that have a bonus game or bonus feature that you enjoy triggering.

It is also worth keeping your eyes peeled for some of the newer slot games and those that have only just launched, for most of those slot games will be offering you a theme, and playing format and seven one of more bonus games and bonus features you will never have triggered and played off before.

You are always going to be at the mercy of the random number generator when playing slot machines, but also consider making use of some of the many different bonus offers that all of our featured casino sites have on offer, as they will allow you to boost the value of your bankroll.

But much more importantly, always try and equate the cost of each spin of any slot games reels to your bankroll, for the more spins you play off the better chance you will have of winning a jackpot!

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