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Myths Surrounding Online Slot Games

boogie-monsters-slotSeparating fact from fiction is often quite hard to do in the online gaming environment, as you can often visit some websites that write a complete load of nonsense about slot games in particular! So in this slot playing guide we are going to debunk a lot of the different myths you may come across, and by having a good look through it you will soon be able to find out how these types of casino games work and operate.


Can Payout Percentages of Online Slot Game be adjusted?

The topic of adjusting payout percentages on online slot games is in fact quite an interesting one for there are some software companies who will allow operators using their gaming platforms to adjust the payouts percentages on their slots to one of several different options.

We are aware that for example the Real Time Gaming platform will allow operators of those casinos to put into play one of three different RTP’s on a range of their slot games, however they cannot change them on the hoof and a request needs to be put in to change them

For reference the main reasons for a casino wishing to lower the paybacks on their slots would be if that casino operates a high bonus type of business model and as such those casinos tend to give away very large valued deposit match bonuses to slot players, but they make up for this by slightly dropping the payout percentages on their slots.

However, be aware that if you choose to play at Playtech casinos or casinos using NetEnt or Microgaming software platforms then the operators and owners of those casinos never have the ability to amend or change the payout percentages on any of their slot games as the ones attached to the games when launched are the ones the slots will always play out to!


Are New Games Set to Payout More Over the Short Term?

If you have any experience in playing slot machines in a land based casino then you will probably be more than aware that new slot games will always be put on the gaming floors with much higher payout percentages than they will be set at once those slots have become established.

However, as you have just read when playing at some of the online casino using the more commonly used gaming platforms the operators of those sites cannot adjust the payout percentages on new slot machines, so you will have just as much chance of having a winning and profitable session when playing a new slot game as you would when you are playing one that has been available online for many, many years!


Are Progressive Games Set to Payout their Jackpots at Certain Values?

You may think there is something of a conspiracy theory involved with some online slot game designers, for in regards to their progressive games there does seem to be a lot of competition going on as to which slot has awarded the very highest jackpot.

The amounts of cash that can be won on some online slot games is staggering, and whilst you may be under the illusion that you are only going to win a progressive jackpot on some slot games when they reach a certain value, this is simply not true.

A completely random and certified slot game which offers one or more progressive jackpots has been designed to ensure there is never any way of predetermining when that game will award its jackpots, and as such you can freely play any progressive slot and do have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot at any moment, as long as you play that slot in such a way that the jackpot is activated and in play!

Can You Ever Win When You Have Claimed a Bonus?

Many slot players claim bonuses from online casinos when they are in a slot playing mood, however it is true to say that only a small proportion of those bonus players are going to win with the bonus they have claimed, and this leads some players to think it is never possible to end you playing session with a profit in your account that you can cash out.

The only reasons why so few players manage to win and cash anything out when they have a bonus in their account is that the play through requirements attached to any bonus offers you find on offer make it quite difficult to reach those play through requirements as a lot of slot play needs to be put into play to reach them.

So you will have a much reduced chance of winning if you do take a casino up on their bonus offers so keep that in mind if you are ever tempted to claim one or more of them!



Never believe everything that you read online regarding slot games, for it is often best for you to check out the facts yourself if you are every in any doubts as to the fairness of any slot machine you come across.

You will find however that all of the casinos listed on our website have gone to great lengths to ensure that their players are getting the very fairest games and each slot game offered by our featured online casino sites has been certified and verified as being fair and random.

In fact many casinos we have fully reviewed and listed on our website have their slot game payout percentages audited every month, and you will be able to view a payout percentage verification certificate for the previous months displayed on their websites, so do have a look at their respective websites as by doing so you will often be quite amazed by just how high paying their slot games are!

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